Use of online job portal data in research and in practice: A review

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Last year we conducted research to explore the possibility of leveraging online job portal data for economic analysis in 13 Asia Pacific countries, as a part of a project for the Asian Development Bank. We examined the types of information available on major portals across the region, to discern the nature and format of available data. We also tested and refined methodologies to analyse a dataset comprising online job vacancies sourced from a Sri Lankan job portal, to demonstrate use cases for exploring  the impacts of shocks on the labour market.

The first step in this exploration was to review where in practice online job portal data has been used, to identify the  methods and techniques available along with their strengths and limitations.  The full review is published below. It covers the following key areas:

  1. Existing uses and applications of online job portal (OJP) data been used for labor market analysis.
  2. Limitations and challenges of using OJPs and existing ways of addressing them.
  3. Other data sources that complement OJP data.
  4. Processing steps, methods, and techniques used in collecting and processing OJP data prior to analysis.
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