Happy Birthday Luxman!

Posted on November 22, 2004  /  5 Comments

Luxman Siriwardena

Today Luxman Siriwardena has reached the stage of life where he will renounce his possessions and live in the forest. He is travelling to the Weliara jungle with only his loincloth. Please leave comments in lieu of alms.


  1. Yes, Luxman has lived a full and rewarding life; he has given happiness to many people. We wish him the very best in his meditative endeavors, though we have some concerns about the other monks in Weliara. When we travel to Weliara in a month with alms, we will take with us a whole box of ear plugs.

  2. Dear Luxman,

    I offer my services in lifting the burden of the material world from your shoulders. I can start with your car :)

  3. I couldn’t get the car, but got a wonderful lunch out of Luxman at the Beach Wadia. Thanks! Keep an eye out on this blog, pictures ;), updates on the lunch banquet to follow…..

  4. deLuxMan, lebuu nava vasara jaya pita jaya vewa!

  5. A year older and a year wiser…(!!??!!!) the alms giving at Wadiya was much appreciated!….may your meditative endeavours on the intricacies of balancing “boats” and “stars” render much success!