Rohan Samarajiva on BBC regarding disaster management prepardeness in Sri Lanka

Posted on January 13, 2005  /  1 Comments

The BBC world service programme ASSIGNMENT this week is about the tsunami and emergency communications in Sri Lanka and includes an interview with Rohan.

You can hear it at:

If you don’t have RealPlayer, you can dowload it from here.

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    First of all, fantastic pictures of both of you on the LIRNE web site. I think they are much more effective than the typical (and dull) head shot photos all of the rest of us use. I write to close-out one venture and to let you know about another. First, the ARC Industries Inc. will not be able to make a financial contribution as they had originally envisioned. Long story here, but with the same punch line. Second, my daughter Kathy and two other students from LuxmanÂ’s alma matter, Vanderbilt University, are coming to Colombo to work at a school, whose name I am trying to find. I will forward this information if I find it. Someone at the school is organizing their time. Their task will be to visit to assess the type of assistance desired. It is part of an official Vanderbilt program: the Office of Civic Engagement. They will be flying in from Bangkok on May 17 and will be departing on May 22. They will write a report and make a presentation when they get home. The two young men and Kathy are then going to Thailand. A week later Kathy will go to Chennai, as an Ingram Scholar, to volunteer for the Relief Foundation until August 1. As I understand it, she will be working in a fishing village hard hit by the Tsunami. I am sorry for the short notice, but I had thought they would only be there on a one day, tightly scheduled visit and then be returning to Thailand. If you are able to meet with them in Colombo or at the University of Moratuwa perhaps your collective experience could fashion a creative, well-leveraged, and effective end-product.

    Do you need anything from Columbus or Vanderbilt?

    I found this contact information and will give it to Kathy. She will be checking her e-mail at internet cafes. Her e-mail address is She will also be checking for messages.

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