LIRNEasia at WSIS, Tunis

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Pro-Poor Pro-Market Regulation Reform (PPPM)

From IDRC’s website
World Summit on the information Society
, Kram Centre, Tunis, November 17, 2005
Conference Organisers: the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Information for Development Program of the World Bank (infoDev)

LIRNE.NET and the World Dialogue on Regulation (WDR)
LIRNEasia Research ICT Africa (RIA)
Diálogo regional sobre la sociedad de la información (DIRSI)

November 17, 2005 – Morning Program

Time Activity

Welcome – Richard Fuchs


ICT Demand, access and usage by the poor
Chair: Laurent Elder, IDRC
ICT Uses on a Shoestring in Asia (LIRNEasia)- Ayesha Zainudeen
Digital Poverty in LAC (DIRSI) – Roxana Barrantes
Towards an African e-index (RIA) – Alison Gillwald, Christoph Stork

Coffee break
Core Networks and Policy Issues
Chair: F F Tusubira, RIA
Asia Backbone Study (LIRNEasia) – Rohan Samarajiva
Telecoms Funds and Regulatory Challenges – Judith Mariscal
South Asia ADCs, USFs and Subsidy Auctions (LIRNEasia) – Harsha da Silva
African Regionalism, national policy formation and International Governance (RIA) – Andrew Barendse, Lishan Adam

Extending Access Networks
Chair: Lishan Adam, RIA
Grameen Phone Replicability (LIRNEasia) – Ayesha Zainudeen
Indonesia WiFi Achievements and Replicability (LIRNEasia) – Divakar Goswami, Onno Purbo
Diversifying provision in LAC (DIRSI) – Hernan Galperin
Emerging local access technologies (DIRSI) – Kim Mallalieu

12:45-14:00 Lunch break

November 17, 2005 – Afternoon Program

Time Activity
Policy Processes
Chair: Harsha da Silva, LIRNEasia
Participatory Mechanisms in Telecom Policy Proceedings (DIRSI) – Judith Mariscal
An alternative model of policy participation: ICTs and Early warning for disaster Mitigation (LIRNEasia) – Rohan Samarajiva
Regulatory Authority Websites Benchmarking Study (DIRSI) – Amy Mahan
Asian Regulatory Authority Website Benchmarking  Study (LIRNEasia) – Chanuka Wattegama


Policy, Regulatory and Research Priorities
Chair: Kerry McNamara, infoDev
Panel: In Five Minutes or Less
Mostafa Terrab, infoDev
Bill Melody, LIRNE.NET and WDR
Alison Gillwald, RIA
Rohan Samarajiva, LIRNEasia
Hernan Galperin, DIRSI
Onno Purbo, Indonesia
Randy Spence, IDRC
ICT Policy and Regulation in an Era of Convergence

infoDev session, with IDRC

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