Webhamuva yields bicycles

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As part of our partnership with Sarvodaya on using ICTs for disaster management, LIRNEasia is managing www.webhamuva.org.  The excerpt below is from the Daily Mirror of 10th January 2006(www.dailymirror.lk).  We understand that a reader has offered to donate some bicycles to one of the families featured on the blog

"Sarvodaya has initiated and activated its development programs at the grassroots level, taking the ideas and suggestions of benefiting people as the foundation of the schemes and their active participation as the main component of the projects. However, the movement recognized that this might not be the way that all organizations conducting post-Tsunami work coordinate their activities. So in a bid to give voice to the people whose opinions go unheard in the reconstruction work, it set up the Webhamuva program.

Sarvodaya activated the Webhamuva program in 50 Sarvodaya Service villages located in all Tsunami-affected districts. Funded by the World Bank and run by LIRNEasia, this program is essentially an expansion of Sarvodaya’s pavul hamuva or “family gathering” tradition to an online-scale. The ‘avul hamuva’is a regular gathering of people in Sarvodaya villages at group discussions, where the participants converse about their lives, their village, and its development. Under the Webhamuva program, staff of LIRNEasia visit Tsunami-affected areas and question people about the effects of the tidal wave on their families and the village and the current status of their lives. They record these answers, transcribe and translate them, and publish the text on the regularly-updated website, www.webhamuva.org, which can be accessed by anyone from around the world. This article was written based on some of the ideas expressed on the website by people in the Eastern and Northern provinces."

Hear more voices of the tsunami survivors at www.webhamuva.org

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