Sri Lanka Disaster Act a Disaster?

Posted on July 26, 2006  /  0 Comments

A excerpt from my analysis of the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act in Lanka Business Online:

Will we be ready the next time?

The sad answer is no.

The government has enacted framework legislation that falls short not only on basic criteria such as effective operation of a disaster authority, sustainable and stable funding and accountability, but even on clarity of drafting.

No attempt has been made in the design to insulate the authority from the weaknesses of existing government institutions, though the Act does succeed in insulating the authority from public funds.

The Road Map, reflecting an admirable commitment to action, is an excellent starting point for mapping priorities and achieving results.

But the realization of its potential depends on the strength of the human resources that can be mobilized by the DMC.

The proof of that will be the team that will be assembled and the actions they take in the coming months.

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