“Mobile web” moving from hype to reality?

Posted on September 27, 2006  /  1 Comments

Finally domain names ending in .mobi can now be registered by the general public.  Will this increase mobile content (i.e. content that can be viewed on your mobile phone)?.   

A BBC article reports that less than 10% of mobile owners use their phone to surf the web, “due to concerns over cost, speed and poor content”. 

It seems there’s hope at least the “poor content” part will be solved by users now being able to provide more mobile-enabled content .  Read the full article here

1 Comment

  1. What can a domain specified to mobile could do ? Still theres no device independent standard of displaying web pages in mobile. xHTML/ CSS doesn’t seem to be supported equally in each devices. Only success of web content on mobile seems to be the advent of Opera mini browser.