Usability of University Research in the Internet Age

Posted on October 27, 2006  /  0 Comments

Creation of new knowledge by universities is typically assessed in terms of publications and citations in scholarly venues, and the same measures are used to assess capacity for future contributions. As the production and dissemination of knowledge becomes increasingly mediated by the Internet, the Internet presence of researchers is becoming a more valid and relevant measure of knowledge capacity than the conventionally used publication and citation data. This article proposes a methodology that includes the use of the search engine to supplement the conventional indices for knowledge capacity in a policy-relevant field of knowledge. The methodology addresses presence as well as validation. The proposed approach is explicated through a study of Information and Communication Technology infrastructure reform relevant knowledge capacity in East, South East and South Asia. University research is viewed within the context of the larger body of knowledge available to users over the Internet and a greater usability of university research through a higher Internet presence is stressed.

From Capacity to Presence: Enhancing the Usability of University Research in the Internet Age (PDF format, 112Kb)

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