Telecom Regulatory Environment survey results from 6 countries released in India

Posted on December 21, 2006  /  0 Comments

The TRE 2006 results [PDF Download] of the first Telecom Regulatory Environment (TRE) survey applied across six Asian countries were released in New Delhi yesterday. The TRE Assessment, developed by LIRNEasia and already implemented in a number of countries, is a perceptual index which gauges regulatory performance across six dimensions. The TRE survey carried out in India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand as part of a multi-component study, closely reflected regulatory reform actions undertaken in the respective countries along with sector performance.
The Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper in India, covered the findings from the TRE surveys [PDF Download] focusing on the comparison between India and Pakistan’s scores.

Pakistan Bests India in Telecoms Regulation by M. Rajendran, Hindustan Times, Dec 20, 2006.

[..]A survey by research agency LIRNEAsia says Pakistan overtook both India and Sri Lanka in basic telecom measures in fixed and mobile services, such as transparency of licensing; information provided to applicants about the terms, conditions, criteria and length of time needed to reach a decision on their applications; licence conditions; mergers and acquisitions; and niche licences.

The ‘Telecom Regulatory Environment, 2006’ survey conducted by Indonesia-based LIRNEAsia suggests that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) needs to improve its regulation in interconnection and anti-competitive practices[..]

TRAI chairman Nripendra Misra told Hindustan Times that he had no comment to offer as he had not seen the study.

Commenting on the findings, Mahesh Uppal, a telecom analyst said, “We still have to go some way on our regulatory parameters. Our greatest advantage is that we have much higher levels of raw competition on most of our markets, compared to our neighbour.”[..]

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