Jaffna reconnected to the world?

Posted on January 4, 2007  /  2 Comments

A citizen journalist brings good news. But there is a question mark is regarding the comment on bills. Most of the phones in Jaffna are mobile and most of the mobiles are prepaid. So the line re bills must refer to Sri Lanka Telecom. Clarifications most welcome.

groundviews » Mobiles Working Again

After the tension situation (aug 11th) all the mobile phone connections cut by security forces in Jaffna for security reasons. From 25th the mobile phones working again in Jaffna. The mobile phone companies sent the bill for the cut period also. Only Dialog and Mobitel is workin in Jaffna.


  1. http://www.lankanewspapers.com/news/2007/1/10989.html seems to suggest that mobiles are indeed back online from 1st January 2007.