More news coverage of TRE, highlighting Indo-Pak comparison

Posted on February 11, 2007  /  0 Comments

LIRNEasia intended the Telecom Regulatory Environment scores to serve as a diagnostic instrument for regulators, policy makers and stakeholders, not exactly a “league table.” However, the news value seems to be in the inter-country comparisons. We are grateful for whatever coverage we get.

Businessworld: Pak Betters India

The sharp growth in the Indian telecom industry has been talked about for quite sometime. That growth happened after many contentious issues got straightened out over the years at the regulatory level. Despite that, a study by Colombo-based LIRNE Asia (Learning Initiatives on Reforms for Network Economies) claims that the telecom regulatory mechanism in India is way behind Pakistan in five of the six parameters it considered.The Telecom Regulatory Environment 2006 has compared six countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Not surprisingly, India leads the pack on price. However, it lags behind on market entry, spectrum, interconnection, anti-competitive procedures and universal service obligations.

The TRE Study including analysis of Indo-Pak growth rates and the possible contributions of TRE and investment is available now.

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