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While development aid and political reform are essential components in poverty eradication, equally important are business models that would engage low-income communities as producers and consumers in their own robust economies. Successful business models–inherently versatile, innovative, and driven by the profit motive–can sometimes tackle development challenges more quickly and effectively than government and aid mechanisms, and are the focus of Go to is both a knowledge repository and a space for discussion and networking among those with an interest in the “next billion”―the next billion to rise from the base of the economic pyramid (BOP) as participants in healthy economies, and the next billion in profits for businesses, from multinational to microenterprises, to earn by selling to underserved markets.

This website and forum is closely linked to LIRNEasia’s Teleuse@BOP project, which focuses on the BOP in five countries in developing Asia. The study finds that at the BOP in the five countries (a USD1,439 billion (PPP) market), there will be as many as 140.7 million new connections by mid-2008, the majority of them coming from India. More on Teleuse@BOP can be read here.

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  1. in fact it would be most interesting to try and overlap our unique diary-based household level survey data with the data from the recall type NSO surveys.