Wireless Opportunities and Solutions: A Regulatory Perspective; Montevideo, Uruguay, March 2007

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Dr. Harsha de Silva participated in the LIRNE.NET and WDR expert meeting entitled “Wireless Opportunities and Solutions: A Regulatory Perspective” held in Montevideo, Uruguay during 7-9 March 2007.

He made a presentation during the first session entitled “Getting a clearer picture: Demand side ICT data collection”, sharing with the audience some of the findings and the methodology used in LIRNEasia’s recently completed research on teleuse@BOP. During the discussion sessions and on the sidelines of the conference he engaged substantially with the DIRSI researchers planning to replicate the Asian study in Latin America. Dr. de Silva explained to the team the challenges faced in designing and implementing the study across the five countries and suggested possible alternatives.

In the second session entitled “Perspectives of telecom sector performance” he presented slides on the Telecom Regulatory Environment (TRE) 2006. Here Harsha explained how LIRNEasia researchers went about constructing and administering the TRE study in six countries in Asia and also some of the salient findings.

After the conference Dr. de Silva participated at the discussions among the LIRNE family on the preparations of the next WDR/LIRNE research cycle. Prof. Rohan Samarajiva joined in via Skype.

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