Making money and doing good in Afghanistan

Posted on July 8, 2007  /  0 Comments

The Aga Khan Foundation is the owner of Afghanistan’s first mobile operator, Roshan.   It is surprising that this social investment has not received a quarter of the publicity received by Grameen Phone in Bangladesh.

Do Business and Islam Mix? Ask Him – New York Times

Roshan has 1.3 million subscribers and is adding 60,000 a month. The Afghan government gets 6 percent of its tax revenue from the company, Ms. Abdulla says. Roshan says it employs 900 people, about 180 of whom are women.

“In Afghanistan, the Aga Khan is creating an enabling environment for business,” says Mr. Patel at the World Bank. “While producing results, these are early days. It’s too soon to see a payoff from his investments.”

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