Teleuse survey from the Philippines

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Though not focused on the BOP like the LIRNEasia teleuse@BOP survey, this interesting survey appears to have reached similar conclusions.

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Thirty-four percent of Filipinos use a cellular phone, while 66% do not. Cellphone usage is higher in urban areas (48%) than in rural areas (19%), with the highest level of usage in Metro Manila (51%). (See Table 1)

As may be expected, cellphone use is proportionately higher among the upper Class ABC (63%) than among the poorest Class E (17%). Thirty-four percent of the masa Class D uses a mobile phone. Cellphone use also increases as educational attainment goes up and as age bracket goes down, reaching majority levels among those in the 18-24 age bracket (54%) and those with at least some college education (64%).

Almost all (96%) cellphone users use a pre-paid line, while only 4% are post-paid subscribers. This preference for pre-paid lines does not significantly vary across localities or socio-economic classes.

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