Award winning mobile networking firm uses LIRNEasia data

Posted on December 13, 2007  /  2 Comments

Buzzcity got the top award for mobile networking applications at the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress held in November 2007.   This blog describes how they are changing their charging structure, partially based on LIRNEasia research.


We organised a session of BuzzCity-NUS Digital Media Forum a few weeks ago with presentation by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva, who leads a regional ICT policy group called LIRNEasia. His group had a done a study across five Asian nations – India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand – and asked people the main reason why they use a mobile phone.

The pace and style of life in The Philippines is vastly different from Sri Lanka; India and Thailand have little in common other than a taste for spicy foods. Yet across these five countries, the number one reason why people use a mobile phone is the same: to stay connected with friends and family. “Staying connected” ranks consistently ahead of doing business or delivering messages.

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  1. That was indeed to be commented on as one wonderful peace of study done & also not to forget the main point that states that it describes ” how they are changing their charging structure ” – I would like to stay a word on this charging factor.
    One common complaint that we as mobile networkers find is the roof hitting prices charged by service providers for accessing of social networking sites on mobiles to stay connected, here is what came up new in the US to help user’s, access to networking sites without GPRS,EDGE or Internet.

    Is there any possibility of something similar coming up in Asia too ????????????

  2. Buzzcity/Gammalife is Asian.