LIRNEasia at the ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg

Posted on March 6, 2008  /  1 Comments

Rohan Samarajiva will make a presentation on the topic “More than voice at the bottom of the pyramid: Telecommunication for development in Asia” at the ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg on the 3rd of April, 2008.

The presentation will examine the potential for the take-up of “more-than-voice” applications among the fast growing user populations in the lower socio-economic strata, or the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) in emerging Asia. It will demonstrate the extensive use of telephones (mobile, fixed and public) by the BOP. It will look at usage by current owners as well as non-owners, and more the growth trends and projections for applications other than voice. Texting, payments, and voting are among some of these “more-than-voice” applications that will be looked at. Some of the policy and regulatory barriers that have to be addressed for greater take-up will also be discussed.

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  1. The GSM Association, IFC, DFID and CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) would jointly organize the “Mobile Money Summit 2008” in May 2008, where many related issues would be discussed.

    Also, the need for mobile payments/transactions are felt not only in the developing countries; there are opportunities in developed countries like USA too for diversified m-commerce solutions.

    “More mobile banking, this time in the US”