What are these monkeys doing in our blog?

Posted on July 30, 2008  /  0 Comments

To an ordinary observer the image on left looks like some monkeys but to Nuwan Waidyanatha that is his complex Early Warning System. Monkeys act as sensors and detectors of hazards (aka a leopard) to deer – who would take immediate action for mass evacuation.

Again the image on top right look likes a damper to any engineering student, but to Nuwan that is mass evacuation. The figure below might explain it better with the blue line representing a quick but rough evacuation and the red line a smoother one.

What does this figure has to do with Broadband QoS? If the zero line is assumed to be the accepted level, this explains the change in QoS with the growth of markets. Initially it is the best with less number of subscribers sharing the pool of resources, but expansion of customer base lowers QoS, which has to be increased by building more infrastructure. Red line is the ideal, but blue is what happens in real world (that is assuming we finally settle down where we want). This is what I have learnt from Nuwan and thinking of applying in my own reserach. 

Nuwan’s yesterday presentation directed at finding a framework for Early Warning Systems was an eye opener and there was enough everyone else could learn and apply. His slide set is available here. A gentle warning. Don’t bother opening it if you hate Maths.

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