Bahrain too forces mobile users to re-register (but for a different reason)

Posted on August 25, 2008  /  2 Comments

A campaign to crackdown on people making nuisance calls as well as hoax calls to emergency services was launched yesterday.It will require all mobile phone owners in Bahrain registering with their operators before the end of the year.

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority general director Alan Horne said that there were around 600,000 Batelco and Zain mobile telephone owners whose names were not registered.

People who use pre-paid cards will be asked to register their telephones at Batelco and Zain offices as from September 1 and those who fail to do so will only be able to receive and make emergency calls as of January 1.

They will have to turn up at one of the operators’ offices with identification.

That means that more than 5,000 people a day will have to go to the 18 Batelco and 11 Zain outlets over the next four months.

Read the full story in ‘Gulf Daily News’ here.


  1. an interesting development. I conducted some research on mandatory registration of prepaid mobile phones in the OECD countries. A report based on that study was recently published and is available here:

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