m-Health project kickoff

Posted on August 1, 2008  /  2 Comments

The real-time biosurveillance program is a pilot on the broader concepts of mobile health data surveillance for unusual patterns. Mobile Health is best defined by Krishnan Ganapathy’s exclusive published on Mobileactive. A partner meeting will take place at the Indian Institute of Technology Rural Technology and Business Incubator on Monday (04-Aug-2008) to discuss the way forward on the multi partner m-Health project. This initial meeting follows the e-India event on e-Health in Delhi where stakeholders are coming together to discuss lessons on similar action research. The partner planning meet program will bring together the project partners and give everyone the opportunity to hear each other out in relations to their roles and responsibilities. The goal is for all to agree to the work plan.


  1. Advance Notice:

    The Center for Cell Phone Applications in Healthcare, based in Boston, MA, USA is planning to hold a two day seminar in Delhi, India in the 4th week of November 2008. This will be the meeting point for anyone interested in cell phone applications. Latest developments of patients carrying their health history on cell phones, 30+ applications for doctors, 20+ applications for administrators, and many other other systems will be discussed. More information will be posted beginning of September. Look at http://www.medrecinst.com

  2. Appreciate you sharing this information with us. As we see in most cases, the toughest part is tackling the human, institutional or organizational barriers in mobilizing ICT based solutions in our part of the world. Developing the software is the easiest task of the whole.

    Another similar workshop on sharing knowledge on m-Health applications is “mobileactive08” — http://www.mobileactive08.org/