UK Broadband customers overpay by 70% – Survey

Posted on August 29, 2008  /  0 Comments

It is the same story everywhere. Broadband prices are falling, so the early adopters pay more than newbies – unless they switch fast. To make the matters worse, operators have started selling the same packages with new prices – in the same manner an Airline bringing ticket prices down at the eleventh hour to fill the seats.

This is the tirade of one user.

UK customers are paying 70% more than they need to for their broadband connections despite the credit crunch. Masses of broadband customers (70,000 in fact) on 8Mbps broadband packages have been surveyed by Broadband Expert to find out how much they pay for their connections. Compared to the deals currently available on the market, it’s no surprise that there’s a huge disparity between the two figures – much like the energy market!

On average UK broadband customers pay £16.98 per month for an 8Mbps broadband package, despite some providers offering a similar package for under £10 a month. BT and Demon customers lose out most, while Sky and O2 customers are quids in.

You may not be aware that broadband prices have dropped dramatically in the last few years. A customer who signed up for a broadband package 2 years ago could be paying two to three times the amount they would pay if they signed up to a similar or better package today. Broadband providers (and mortgage lenders while I’m ranting) could – and should – do more to ensure long standing customers are not overcharged by moving them on to the same pricing a new customer would receive.

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