Bharti Airtel hopes to enter Sri Lankan telecom market this year

Posted on September 11, 2008  /  476 Comments

Telecom major Bharti Airtel today said the company hopes to start operations in Sri Lanka within this calendar year, despite the delay in getting interconnection from the local operators there.

“Discussions are going on with the Sri Lankan telecom regulator and the existing operators there relating to the interconnection issue. It should be sorted out shortly,” company’s CEO Manoj Kohli told reporters here.

“We should be in a position to start our operations there before 2008. It is as per our schedule,” he said.

Earlier a Senior Executive of Bharti Airtel, Sanjay Kapoor said the incumbent operators in Lanka are not giving interconnections to the company, which is anticompetitive in nature.

Responding to that four Sri Lankan operators had issued a joint statement yesterday terming Bharti’s allegations as false.

The four operators – Dialog, Hutch, Mobitel and Tigo lashed out at Bharti Airtel on being accused that they are preventing the company’s entry into the island by not providing interconnection on the same terms.

Source: Press Trust of India


  1. Sri lankan,
    Good news, dialog tigo hutch & mobitel BEWARE!, sri lankan market is waiting for airtel,, probably more than 50% mobile users will switch networks, because everyone i meet and talk about (SUBJECT-Airtel) is willing to make the switch, A common belief is that the call charges will be VERY Attractive…

    Even bringing the iphone 3g to sri lanka will be a good move_ but must not do the same mistake in pricing as in india which was a mega flop,, theres an average crowd that is wiling to pay LKR.20,000 – 30,000 to buy a phone(namely nokia n sonyericcson ) so i believe iphone will be a great hit here.. who knows wet will happen!…

  2. I think you should come to our market very soon bcs other giants are earning big margin from the industry customer are realy frustrated their services,

  3. Why Airlel, why are you dragging so long?
    What happened to your September launch?

    We have observed that recently Airtel came up with an excuse saying that the other operators are not giving interconnection which is completely false when we consider the current interconnection status of sri lanka. just for information, the Interconnection rules gazetted by TRCSL in 2003 clearly states and it governs the telecommunication industry of sri lanka. Accordingly, if any operator refuses to interconnect with a new operator or ignore the gazetted regulations, there is a stated legal procedure which that new entrant can take actions against them. So why Airtel blame existing operators not giving interconnections and anti competitive nature. This is completely misleading the market by diverting the inefficiencies of their management towards the competitors. And they are trying to hide the actual reasons for their slow start by giving various excuses. Why Airtel doesn’t go to courts and take legal actions against if that is the case. because that is not the reality.

    If we look at the current interconnection status among operators, all the Mobile operators (Dialog, Mobitel, Tigo and Hutch) have implemented interconnection rates as mentioned in the gazette of 2003. They pay each other for mobile call termination. Addition to that, the new fixed line operators (Eg:Dialog CDMA) who came into market after year 2003 had to agree for those interconnection rates. Currently there is an ongoing process of TRCSL of implementing interconnection amongst all operators. Therefore i am not sure about what Airtel is talking about by saying ‘not giving interconnection’.

    I think they had to postpone their launch so many months because of inefficient operations, and as they couldn’t predict the market behaviour of sri lanka which is very much different compared to india. Airtel wanted to start operations in sri lanka with Rs.2 per minute. But we have experienced that currently there are so many revolutionary packages in sri lankan market which give voice and video calls for less than 25cents per minute. And the current market penetration is over 60%, so that Sri lanka really doesnt need any other operator. So, do we really need Airtel?

  4. all we are in sri lanka waiting for your operation, in sri lanka soon, but you are always change your schedule to launch.

    we are realy frustrated the services of mobail telecominication remaining in sri lanka,

  5. GUD,
    can you give the call chargers please.
    outgoing call charges
    incoming call charges
    bill information also,

  6. Come Airtell
    We are waitting…….
    Good number for me….. Pls……

  7. better to start a website sooner.

  8. AIRTELL on of the best conection.

    we are like to join .

    i hope we have a jobs.

  9. Sanjeewa R. Abeydheera

    when r u going to launch airtel in sri lanka

  10. if i phone with airtel in sri lanka what will be the cost? Same as US (200$)?

  11. Airtel will definitely be yet another unsuccessful indian investment as did most of other indian investments. One best example is Hutch, which is a big operator of india but a complete failure here is sri lanka who couldn’t achieve at least 5% of the market. On the other hand the two malasian investments have successfully acquired more 80% of the sri lankan mobile teleco market as Mobitel & Dialog.

    The investment done by Airtel in sri lanka is extremely not enough to cater current sri lankan teleco context. Best example is Airtel is going to start their operations here only with 150 base stations where as Dialog has 2000+ base stations and Mobitel has 1500+ base stations with island wide coverage. No doubt that 90% of sri lankan population is already covered except for north and eastern provinces. It will take ages to Airtel to match that coverage which Dialog, Mobitel and Tigo are offering. Definitely Airtel will be another Hutch if they continue this kind of stingy investments and snail operations.

    Airtel, please be gentle enough not to blame current operators who have done very hard work to bring the telecommunication industry to a great position in the region over last two decades. Full credit should go to Celltel, Mobitel & Dialog who set the standards to entire region. Those indian investors are just trying to harvest our well grown market.

  12. Comment is free, but facts are sacred.

    It has been some time since Hutch sold its Indian interests to Vodaphone, so it’s incorrect to say Hutch is in India. Also highly incorrect to say Hutch in LK is a failure. Their EBITDA margins a few quarters ago were in excess of 50% and my understanding is that they have around 15% market share.

  13. Hutch who invested in sri lanka in early 90s with an indian base.
    Their EBITDA margins can be around 50% as it is a common feature of all teleco operators of sri lanka.
    but what about their market share?
    Let’s assume it is 15%. Then Tigo should be at least 20% and Mobitel with over 2million customers should be about 25%. Dialog is somewhere around 50%. Now let’s get the sum: 15+20+25+50=110 ????
    Definitely 15% is a very big over estimate of their customer base. They did a miscalculation of their base in last year. Therefore the base is for sure less than 10%. When there are only four players in the market, this amount is extremely not enough to do any impact on the market.
    Facts are sacred of course, correct me if i’m wrong.

  14. “Airtel use’s Singtel expertise for 3G services roll out in Sri Lanka”.

    I think Sri Lanka will serve as a test bed for Airtel.
    Airtel doesn’t have any 3G network in India. They can offer similar services in India when 3G spectrum is made available there.

  15. Here’s what our research shows
    2007: Dialog 53%; Mobitel 18%; Tigo 15%; Hutch 14%
    2006: Dialog 57%; Mobitel 17%; Hutch 16%; Tigo 10%

    So my 15% was right in the middle. Because the TRC does not report market shares, this is based on researcher estimates and +/- 1% error has to be allowed.

    50% (actually 52.5%) EBITDA margin is considerably higher than what Dialog has achieved. See:

    Hutch is basically a Hong Kong company. You made a mistake by portraying it as Indian. Search on google if you don’t trust me. Move on. People make mistakes. Not the end of the world.

  16. All Indian investments done in Sri Lanka I say did not benifit Sri Lankan economy in anyway. Take the best example IOC, the stupid politicians said those days by allowing the second player to come Sri Lanka will give fuel at a competitive price to consumers. Did that happen??? While Ceypetco is making heavy loses this IOC is making good profits and taking our hard earned money to India. I heard some months ago the profit margin for a litre of petrol for IOC was higher than Rs. 10 while Ceypetco making losses. For Ceypetco loses they must be blamed too (The Ceypetco). The CEO or the MD of Sri Lankan operations of IOC said in a newspaper even if they make loses here, they will not leave Sri Lanka as they have other interests in Sri Lanka. That merely explains the rational behind Indian investments here.

    There is a lot of other inidian businesses came to Sri Lanka under FTA between SL and India and those do not benifit SL in anyway. Example Wanspathi oil factories.

    The Airtel invasion will also be the same and they will harvest our hard earned money.

    The Sri Lankan mobile phone market is indeed still at a premature state as compared to some Europian countries. I think for Sri Lanka allowing number portability will improve the mobile market as it might increases the competitiveness in the market.

    Near future our stupid politicians will allow Indians to come and work here. And when that day comes we will have to hunt for Indians.

  17. What is this xenophobic rubbish? The people of Sri Lanka have benefitted from foreign investment. If not for FDI in telecom, we’d still be going behind politicians and SLT flunkies looking for loops.

    Lanka IOC was asked to come to this country to take over the oil tanks in Trinco by the then government. The reform was not completed, but at least today the conditions of most petrol stations has considerably improved thanks to the presence of Lanka IOC. Most of what you pay for petrol goes to the country that produces the oil. If you pay to CPC it goes to feed its incompetence and corruption. I am sure Lanka IOC has far fewer employees than the local monster.

    If the reference about Indians coming to work here is to CEPA, it’s wrong. CEPA creates a framework for mutual recognition agreements wherein professional qualifications on both sides will be mutually recognized over time. If Indian professionals come here they will come as part of investments under Mode 3 trade. This is already the case under BOI.

    It is common for xenophobes to be also irrational. This is demonstrated by asking for mobile number portability while attacking Bharti Airtel. Bharti will be the greatest beneficiary of MNP, unless the other operators look after their customers better.

  18. Cosidering the growth of Mobitel & Tigo and the loss of market share of Dialog and Hutch this is my prediction for 2008 (as at today). This includes the recent popularity of packages introduced by Mobitel and the popularity of Tigo with their strong branding & per second billing. Dialog and Hutch as they did over recent years, still loosing the market share.

    2008: Dialog 47%; Mobitel 25%; Tigo 18%; Hutch 10%

    2007: Dialog 53%; Mobitel 18%; Tigo 15%; Hutch 14%
    2006: Dialog 57%; Mobitel 17%; Hutch 16%; Tigo 10%

    And please don’t forget Hutch over stated base in 2007 by a mistake which they accepted and corrected recently.

    Considering the EBITDA margins Tigo operates well over 50% according to their performance report for Q2 2008. Dialog EBITDA margin for 2007 was more than 47%. And please don’t forget we are at end of 2008, where the industry has changed a lot in the ended 9 months of 2008, compared to end of 2007.

  19. Certain telecom indtriest are feeling tele-phobia of launching their market in Sri Lanka, they alreay favour for 200 million investment here whatever we will benifit them, market sharing will benifit people, Bairtel is giant in India i am sure they will start at smart like Dialogue,

  20. hello to all,

    best thing for all. we hope that airtel will give that. my confidence is that.i can work with your company as a call center officer. i have worked in abans in srilanka head office for last one one year. i think you will start your job as soon as posibal.
    all the best for airtel & officers are working in srilanka.

  21. sunshine & laughter remind me of u air tel…when Ur not come it`s nothing…….when Ur give hope….it is something….when Ur give air tel…… is everything……come on…

  22. i need the airtel email or website address in srilanka

  23. Please send me airtel lanka (pvt) ltd email number.

  24. Please send me airtel lanka (pvt) ltd email account.

  25. Air tel – I’m afraid
    Mobitel Got his Target with Government sector.
    Launch good package for goverment sector cheaper than Mobitel.

  26. Mobitel Now on 65% in sri Lanka

  27. MOBITEL is the fastest growing Network in Sri lanka. Now all then Sri lankans shit to Mobitel. Airtel is Totally Suck!!!!!!!!!

  28. air tel is good on srilanka. i want to wokr in this company. please send to me how i get to apply airtel. now send to me in my email adress.

  29. When will u launch in Srilanka. We are waiting.

  30. Wait forever………Airtel will never be able to launch in Sri lanka.
    All the people who try to forward their CVs to Airtel via this blog, please don’t display your stupidity as that itself is a unprofessional behavior. If you really wish to join a company and to start your career, first go and learn the basics rather than trying to bully around this topic. One more point, Airtel is a company which use outsourcing very much. They will not employees compared to other operators. I rather doubt whether Outsourcing is the best mechanism to implement in sri lanka.

  31. i hope u will statrt verry soon and make new sri lanka telicommnication service all ways well come

  32. hi Airtel,

    i would like to hear airtel tone in srilanka. so please try to connect quickly.


  33. Hi Airtel!

    can u please display the call rates?


  34. Airtel! How Can we trust your service @ Sri Lanka. More sri lanken are waitng for you. How long will you take to start operation in Sri Lanka. Even we cant find website yet.

  35. i am very happy about Airtel,come soon.good luck Airtel.
    i hate Dialog

  36. when will start airtel service in srilanka,ok

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  38. Hellow AirTell,
    We are like to joing Air Tell Group.If your have any IT related job’s please let us know.
    Your kind response would be highly appriciated.


  39. hey air airtel when you gonna cover the srilankan people
    please come soon, we are expecting you to wel come to srilanka


  40. How long will you take to start operation in Sri Lanka?
    i hope we can get lot of jobs.

  41. Dialog share price down to all time low!!
    Sri Lanka’s telecom giant and once most profitable corporate Dialog Telekom’s share price yesterday slipped to its all time low of Rs. 7.75 including an intra-day lowest of Rs. 7.50.
    I think the Sri Lankan telecom industry’s future is not that bright due to the current price war and the impending competition from the fifth operator Airtel. This has impacted Dialog’s margins,”

  42. Try to do Something Than Mobitel,
    Mobitel gives Conections Very frequently, they are stucked

  43. hai
    air tel
    i am very happy to use ur net work soon

  44. I want a job in Airtel

  45. Fazal: Do you really think this is the best way of applying for a job at Bharti Airtel?

    Does it not cross anyone’s mind that Bharti HR people might be compiling a list of people NOT to hire, based on the inane comments posted on this website?

  46. Hi Airtel,

    All ways i am waiting 4 uuuuuuuuuuuuu
    pls give the rate n airtel packages by e-mail
    i like to use airtel n pls cover the all island if many n main place not coverage v don’t want 2 use. So pls do well

    warmly welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    best of luck

    SRS presents

  47. Hi Airtel,

    We Are Waiting 4 u So long.
    Why r u Taking So Long.
    Hope U Airtel Will Break the Telemarketing Mafia In Sri Lanka.
    Wish U Guys All The Best.

  48. willing to join with Airtel

  49. akila r u mad? 65% mobitel.. not possible???

  50. Well well Its good to have a fifth GSM player in SL.People here expect a reduction of out going call rates in the country. But Dialog and mobitel and other two networks have brought their out going call rates down quite competitive in fact now its pointless talking about totally incoming free cos all of them do.
    Just to comment about Dialog they were successful simply cos of their excellent customer service they grow expand increase quantity without compromising customer service and I personally believe that dialog has the the strength to compete/even to reduce call charges further if they have to.
    Mobitel is totally ignorant of customer service Basically No quality They just increase the number.If airtel is going to establish they may have to think of better Customer service like dialog.

    In fact Airtel may have to consider bringing down IDD call rates and make a plus point towards them.

  51. Just for those who are warmly welcoming Airtel

    The known devil is better than the unknown angel guys!

    &*? Is Airtel going to be an unborn child of SriLankan Telecommunication sector Airtel come on guys step in launch it start the competition

  52. Launch your web site before launch your company. then we will receive correct details about the company. most of people lying about airtel and collecting email addresses for the spamming. Don’t alow those bastards to use your good will for their cheap marketing systems. the are using your logo and everything.

    sagara perera.

  53. Lots of Roar… But No go!
    Airtel is waiting for another Trump card. When Airtel planned their first launch, specualtion was that they would be playing on “coverage” and stories were that they were going to use satellite technology for coverage advantage, but I guess the current operators were smart enough to play on coverage as well. If one might remember Dialog was advertising on the Next town they will be covering. Mobitel said they covered this area and that are. Tigo was counting the number of Towers. So I beleive Airtel took a step back and delayed the launch.

    Then when Airtel announced their September Launch The News was that they were to Play on “Price”. But bad timing once again. We see how the current players are playing on “price”. Mobitel Launched Upahara. Dialog master Blaster, Persecond and so many cheap plans. Tigo playing on Incoming free. Hutch is Cheap as Usual. So Airltel Bye Bye to Price.

    So people We have to wait and See what Airtel’s Next Trump card is Going to be

  54. Please send me information about airtel tariffs in sri Lanka

    Thank You.


  55. Why you are late?

  56. Awaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting, curiosity on charges. But we expect the best soon
    Airtel…. Welcome to the pearl of the indian ocean.

  57. i wonder what all the people who are welcoming/impatiently awaiting for/being insanely happy about airtel’s entry into SL, are thinking. maybe they want a package which has “zero rental+zero incoming+zero outgoing”.
    the competition among dialog, mobitel and tigo has already provided us with a lot of cost reduction in the recent past, which has hardly left a space for airtel to maneuver.
    whatever benefit that is to be gained in the monthly bill is going to vanish if we are to buy a new phone, if airtel uses a new technology. also, it’s very strange that the company has not even thought of putting up a website still, which might be due to the fact that they are not so keen on starting operations here!
    so better try and work out what existing operator gives you the best package according to YOUR requirement, and stick with it! “the bird in hand is worth ten on the tree!”

  58. i lov airtel.!!!!!
    come fast to SL

  59. and also waiting for ur all island coverage…..with 3g if possible…
    its ok with 2g as well.

    and ya…if u have 3g then we can use HSDPA for fast wireless internet broadband…which is lik 3.6Mbps!!!!!!!!!!
    thats really FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so airtel!!!!! come soon!!!!!!!!!

  60. Mohammed Bathoos.S.H

    Please send me information about airtel tariffs in sri Lanka
    and also waiting for ur all island coverage…..with 3g if possible…
    its ok with 2g as well.

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    with low prices.

  62. Mobitel –> Upahara.
    Dialog –> master Blaster & Per second
    airtel –> ?

    Y are u Late?

    Ple. Send your tariffs in sri Lanka

    You are well come in Sri lanka

    your AIRTEL SRI LANKA official web site ?????

    MiM AzMy

  63. Hey , still you are sleeping, dialog & mobitel going growing up there are going cover target, youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu what wrong with u ??????????? hurry up get ready ro come

  64. Anyway I want to get ur sri lankan web site pls, send me that soon

  65. fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. akalanka ediriweera

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  67. Come come come…. is the watchword I see here… So DO COME.. , but without political intervention and ministerial candidates! Let it be a pure technology competition and let consumers drive as a free market economy. We don’t want ministerial candidates promoting mobile technology when even simple issues cannot be solved by them!

  68. Mohamed Razick Mohamed Rismy

    please hurry up we are looking forward to your launch of Airtel!!! dialog and mobitel have aleady started giving some good faciities making it hard for new companies to compete, but i dont think it would much of a problem to you, and PLEASE give us a good internet connection, along with ur 3G also we expect that you will give us low rates which will be very convinient for us….

    Best Regards
    Mohamed Razick
    Mohamed Rismy
    Mahawatta Madige Galagedara
    Mobile= 0773-7255111

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  70. Hi Airtel,
    I want a job in Airtel!!

  71. Dear Airtel,
    Are there any problem to start ur services in SL?. we are waiting 2 get ur service.
    pls show ur rates for outgoing calls and what are the things that u expect 2 provide for custermers

  72. Mohamed Razick Mohamed Rismy

    Mohamed Razick Mohamed Rismy
    October 22, 2008 at 12:34 pm
    please hurry up we are looking forward to your launch of Airtel!!! dialog and mobitel have aleady started giving some good faciities making it hard for new companies to compete, but i dont think it would much of a problem to you, and PLEASE give us a good internet connection, along with ur 3G also we expect that you will give us low rates which will be very convinient for us….

    Best Regards
    Mohamed Razick
    Mohamed Rismy
    Mahawatta Madige Galagedara
    Mobile= 0773-725511

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  74. Dear Sir

    I am having a land in very good location for about 7 to 8 purchase near Port gate i.e. near De Saram Gate Muthuwella Mw Colombo 15.

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  78. Hi Airtel,

    This is the ever best news that we can hear for the Sri Lankans in the telecommunication history. I have used your services in India and was very exciting to hear that your services will be also available in Sri Lanka.

    We are very eagerly waiting for your Services and also i could be one of the person who will be switching to your services as soon as you supply.

    Hope that it will be a change to Sri Lanka and all my best wishes to Amali and her team to perform a good job.


    Kind Regards


  79. I’m Shaheer A/l passed in srilanka
    Do you have job

  80. Sandun Senevirathna

    Hi Air tell,

    We are looking forward on your launch here in Sri lanka. This will be an un beleivable change in our telecommunication history.

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  83. Plz Airtel Come to srilanka and lauch the telecommunication….Because other network operators earning massive amount of profit…So come and make cometition with others operators…So far Dialog is earning around 4 to 5 million a day…so airtel come n give us a good rate, so all srilankans can use your network… We are warmly welcoming you..So plz come within this year…
    Best Regards

  84. Hai Airtel…………..

    I think most of Sri Lankan waiting 4 you,come soooooooooooon

    Best Regards


  85. Hey Airtel,
    What R U doing? come and join our telecom industry. I”m in SriLanka”s Kalutara Dodangoda area. So if U want to install a signal tower in our area I can give U a perfect place for it.Bcz i have a bare (very)high rubber land in this area.It is perfect for a signal tower.So plz contact me (email)if u want a space to install the signal tower in this area.

  86. Thankx Airtel India,we hope ur company coming very soon in srilankan market.thats mean we all can change our mobile network to Airtel.Before launch ur network, So check ur singnal availability all island.

  87. pls send me the details of AIRTEL packages will be governing in sri lanka.

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  89. Lots of Roar… But No go!
    Airtel is waiting for another Trump card. When Airtel planned their first launch, specualtion was that they would be playing on “coverage” and stories were that they were going to use satellite technology for coverage advantage, but I guess the current operators were smart enough to play on coverage as well. If one might remember Dialog was advertising on the Next town they will be covering. Mobitel said they covered this area and that are. Tigo was counting the number of Towers. So I beleive Airtel took a step back and delayed the launch.

    Then when Airtel announced their September Launch The News was that they were to Play on “Price”. But bad timing once again. We see how the current players are playing on “price”. Mobitel Launched Upahara. Dialog master Blaster, Persecond and so many cheap plans. Tigo playing on Incoming free. Hutch is Cheap as Usual. So Airltel Bye Bye to Price.

    So people We have to wait and See what Airtel’s Next Trump card is Going to be

  90. giveme rates of incomming and out going calls.,,,this is great…

  91. We want a following type package

    1.Zero rental

    2.Zero incoming fee

    3.Low price outgoing package with free 1500 minutes per month free


  92. Dear Sir / Madam !

    What happen to the following competition started by you ?

    ” Airtel Launch in Sri Lanka – Free phone give away ”

    I sent several mails regarding the above,with copies to

    But,receiving mail box of airtel ( the above.

    Hence, I would like to verify whether this competition is a bogus or true one.

    Forwarded for your early attention/reply, please

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully


  93. Why is it that people take seriously emails that have the spelling of the company wrong (Airtell not Airtel)? Does not the fact that they are being asked to respond to a gmail account suggest something is not right? Why would an official competition not be run using an airtel email address?

    At least, they did not ask for life savings to be transmitted to a gmail account! But if they did, some of the people who think this is an Airtel website might comply.

    For some maladies, there are no cures.

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  101. I’m working at Sri Lanka Telecom as a driver in CDMA project and have lots of experience in the field (Age 26). I live in Southern part of the country (Matara) and I thouroughly know about the southern part. I play my role with a great enthusiasm and I’m very happy to here the expansion of AIRTEL within Sri Lanka.I wold like to join your company and provide the service on my best as a driver.
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  102. Hooo Hooo Pissu pooso. Craizy Cats. Craizy Mobile phone cats. Now you only want air tell. Look at our country. You are trying to send our money to India. You are going to sell our motherland. Be a Sri Lankan. Please save our money in our country.

  103. Air tell and other forign companies are from the hell. They are sucking the blood of our country. You will be happy when they finished sucking our last blood drop.
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  106. welcome airtel

  107. To all those conflicts on the Hutch market share. Hutch divides its subscribers into 3 categories: 1A – active subscribers; 1B – subscribers who have made at least one call in the last 6 months; 1C – subscribers who have not made a call in the last 6 months. It might interest you to know that Hutch only uses group 1A as its market sharem whereas all other operators add up all 3 groups to arrive at their market share. So maybe Hutch is more than the current 8%?

  108. Airtel is the biggest first class telecom provider in India. India is a mighty nation in this region like wise Airtel is also a mighty mobile phone network. It has a genuine reason to say proudly that it is a first class network because it has nearly 80 millions valued customers in india due to it’s service, price and clarity in functions. It’s a king of all Kings network not only in India and also it is going to be in Sri lanka too. In Sri lanka all these years, other mobile networks are making huge profits and enjoyed, not even thinking of sharing it with their valued customers who brought them to this position. Because all these years they did not a giant competitor like you. When they came to know that you are stepping into our market, they are really afraid. Now they are trying introduce packages after packages to us. It does not mean they are very kind and concern towards us. it is their true fearing of your network. Hat’s up Airtel. We welcome you. Please come soon. we are very anxiously to join your network

  109. please come airtel we are waitting for you

  110. Airtel is great & eternal. Bring the world in the palm. Other all sims are going to sleep. I am wishing for survival in Sri Lanka. Good luck.

    No:16, Kottar Road,
    Dharga Town.

  111. Come Airtell
    We are waitting…….

  112. Dear sir / Madam,

    welcome to Sri Lanka are we are waitting for you for a long time.we are happly invite you to AirTell and because it is world’s most gratest commiunucation provider.In Sri lanka we would like to join your company as a team worker. In any IT related jobs in your company pls informe us to my e mail address.
    I’am waitting your kind response….So pls give good IT related job in your company.

    Many thanks,

  113. Well come to Srilanka .We are waiting for..
    I belive you network would be a success

  114. bye bye Airtel…we don’t need you here anymore
    see you back in next century, bye and tc

  115. come soon airtel
    srilanka most poepel waiting for you

  116. Pls send me to airtell couple packages rates.

  117. Rajitha Chandima De Silva

    I’m Rajitha Chandima De Silva(Sri Lankan), and 20 years old.I’m interest in job of your company(Bharathi Airtel) as I completed my O/L and A/L Examinations and I have some professional Qualification.I’m currently working in Tele marketing section as a trainee in John Keels Group Company,Sri Lanka .
    If there are any vacancies in your company after commence your business, please contact me bellow number or send your E mail address to enable me to forward my CV. inform me through ..

    Phone No +94 718021723

  118. Tell me the date Airtel will be lounge in srilanka.
    I’m waiting for lounge airtel beacuse i want to get it.
    pls tell me the rate of internet chargers quickly.

    Thanks more.

  119. Its quite funny… The entire market cap of the srilankan stock exchange is less than the market cap of Bharti Airtel LTd. wat sort of a market can srilanka offer for this Indian giant…

  120. why r u late yet?ah?????

  121. India ads 8million subscribers every month to the wireless/mobile network. (at this rate we can give mobile phones to our total population in 2-3 months)
    Airtel has over 30% of the market share in India.

    30% of 8million is 2.4million. So they give about 2.5million connections every month.
    (India predicts the mobile subscribers in Inida would pass 500million before 2010.

    I don’t understand why they want to invest in Sri Lanka, unless they want to use us as a test market

  122. i’m student of faculty of engineering university of peradeniya. our student are very happy about your arrival.when you launch , we all student request from your company that conway thae spetial pakege for ouy university student. we wish you.thanks

  123. realy i hope we will kiss you befor december and we will get jobs also

  124. hey,
    *****Well come to Srilanka!!!!!!!
    We are waiting 4 u
    why r u late??????????

    @ I belive you network would be a very success

    I’M in KEGALLE.
    So if U want to install a signal tower in our area I have a PERFECT PLACE for it.Bcz i have a very high land in this area.It is best 4 a signal tower. mobitel & dialog towers are also near 2 my land( not very close).
    if u wish 2 install your signal tower in my land pls contact me.
    Tele. no:+94 602355736 (home) or +94 352222566 (work place)
    e mail:

  125. i’m woking of ransara radio @ balngoda. our staff are very happy about airtell and our staff request from your company that conway thae spetial pakege for our team. we wish you.


  126. R.M.Sudammika Rathnayaka

    I.Wish you A Company.Iam Working Sanasa Bank.i like joing Your

  127. wel come to vavuniya……………….
    come queck …………….

  128. Welcome airtell

    We r waiting 4 U….

    Come soooooon!!!!!!!!!!

    *Pls send me to airtell couple packages rates.*

  129. manodha has a very valid point. the “testing” might lower the mobile charges in SL via triggering competition, but too much competition just might cause a total collapse of the fairly well organized market here.
    hope the entry of airtel doesn’t kill off the golden goose!

  130. wel com airtell come soon sri lanka
    and old the best

  131. i like to work airtell verry verry good aritell

  132. isuru gayan dasanayake

    pls send me the contact numbers of srilanka…
    i like to join Airtel company….
    currently i’m working at a mobil company…
    my mail…

  133. Any way friends, there is two side of this anecdote. Airtel comes hear to earn some thing for their organization not for Sri Lanka. Respect to telecom market in world, the Airtel reside in top place. After they start aritel put their full strength to demolish their competitors. In most time they run several years without any income. If they achieve their target then they increase telephone chargers as much as possible such like mobile era begin. The most unfortunate one is lot of Sri Lankan think Airtel is telecom god. But there is another organizations play role behind the stage. That is Global Telecommunication holding, which was take hand with Sri Lanka Telecom. They will attempt to survive their business hear. Do not push air to Airtel, it is just a telecom company. Those NGOs try to do that.

  134. not even a official website??

    do they even have a office in sri lanka??

  135. airtel cant make a big customers
    in sri lanka. because dialog and
    mobitel are in top level. airtel’s
    name also like a verry cheep quality

    I hate airtel

  136. hey airtel,

    well come to sri lanka….

  137. Hi,
    I m Krishna,now i m follwing a communication & netcafe, already i am a reseller Dialog,Tigo,hutch also. So i m very like come to the
    Srilanka Airtel Service. i like join with to Airtel reseller.
    Thank You,

  138. plzzzzz need a job at airtel………
    i will be waiting for it..
    All the best!!!!
    thank you

  139. Hi Airtel

    Good Number For Me..Pls.

  140. Airtel is good performance

  141. We should not forget the economies of scale the Airtel has.
    Cost of their infrastructure must be much lower than the other existing operators in Sri Lanka.

    They have the bargain power with the OEMs as they buy huge amount of infrastructure (BTS, BSC etc.) from the OEMs.
    Therefore they must be in a position to survive at a low ARPU.

    Hopefully they stay in SL market indefinitely…Otherwise if they have short term motives, they would destroy our well developed mobile infrastructure

  142. Heard that U got vacanices in these days?

    Is it true?

    Pls…………. inform me.

  143. All the best for U’re success!!!

  144. Bring Airtel in service as soon as possible. We are looking for a very cheep rate compairing to other networks and wanted to have coverage every where.

    Wish success

    Rifkan Ali

  145. welcome AIRTELL, we are waiting for you. thanks.

  146. airtel network is best in sri lanka we wont good rate sim n cals rate ,
    thanking you



  148. Many Sri Lankans are waiting for Airtel. It is said that they they have hired people from Sri Lanka. And also emails are going every where saying about the launch of Airtel in Sri Lanka.
    The industry will be really competetive with the entrance of Airtel. Even the Indian telecommunication is booming, Japanese giant NTT docomo has entered in to the Indian market ( Hope Sri Lanka will also be benefited through Airtel.

  149. yes we all waiting for airtel and i want to know some details about the call charges , Rental and the price of Sim card

  150. Hi people, seems to be airtel doesn’t need any other advertising.But when they lunch? can any one say me their network code.073? 076 or 079.I am mobitel fan and mobitel saves money in Sri Lanka and it also a halfly owned by government there.No argue Any one cant compete with well as Mobitel.Mobitel was able to compete with Dialog and Do you think Airtel can give free out going to landlines also.Never! Because all telecom providers here increased their inter connectivity charges and if Airtel give free outgoing to other networks how they earn profits.All are think they reduce charges forever.they only do this for increase their customer base.Once i am in India i search about their call charges they are as follows

    A to A out going free and to other networks Rs 1 per minit and incoming totally free.thats only i know.but 1 Indian rupee= 3 sl rupee.
    Many people think they use satellite tech or establish less towers( i heard someone say that they establish only one tower in Pidurutalagala and cover all island)Foolish! satellite tech is far ,more different and expensive than GSM.if they use satellite tech people have to bring satellite receivers with them.

    however all people waiting for it and i guess that sism will sell as hot cake when they launch and this may see for few weeks and all people will turn their former networks after that.Airtel will introduce amazing charges for calls and Gprs and video calls,ringback tones only to attract people to their network.these are their marketing tricks.Sri lankan people always cheated by foreign companies like this and people spend money uselessly.It is said in these days that Airtel sims cost over Rs 1000.I cant belive it.I dont think they will cost more than Rs 250.other wise who will buy them.I notised that these days no sim card ( except post paid) cost more than 300.Huch sims issues freely.So who will pay 1000 for prepaid.
    I belive it is useless to argue about their seivises and we can see how foolish we are within next three weeks.


  151. Hi Airtell,
    Why you are too much delay. I like to join your team. If there is any vacancies in the IT related field please let me know.

  152. Welcome airtel

    We r waitN 4 U….

    Come soooooon!!!!!!!!!!

  153. please send airtel package details

  154. Don’t be fool.
    Be a Sri Lanken.
    As a Sri Lanken do u believe that Can Airtel make a difference??
    No way AirTel. U don’t have 3G even in India. :-)
    But,please understand, Sri Lanka has almost all new technologies with them..
    Airtel may be Liliput in Sri Lanka.
    U r Lost AIRTEL.
    Hope ur Lost in Sri Lanka…

  155. Hi Airtel,
    We are waiting 4 u,
    come sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  156. AirTel or any other new player will have to be very careful about the costumer care than anything else after selling the connections. I will relate a little incident here. Yesterday I went to SLT teleshop in WTC, Fort. I entered the teleshop and nobody even greeted me. I was sitting for good 10 minutes to see if anyone wants to help me. Nobody seemed interested. Then I called the security guy and asked if I can get some brochures about Mobitel postpaid packages as I didn’t see any being displayed. Then the guard rummaged through some racks and having not been able to find any, talked to one of the staff members and even he didn’t have a brochure.

    I went to SLT teleshop for two reasons.
    1. To buy a Mobitel couple package – I wanted to convert my personal mobile package from Dialog to Mobitel as most of my personal friends have Mobitel connections now. I could stick to Dialog for official mobile phone as my corporate friends have Dialog connections.
    2. I wanted to shift into SLT’s PEO TV from Dialog Satellite TV as PEO TV promises some more services like enabling watching past programs, etc.

    But with the poor customer care I got, I gave up the two ideas and went to Dialog Arcade in WTC and I not only reactivated my Dialog couple package and retained Dialog TV package and even thought of buying a Dialog CDMA phone to be used as a fixed phone. I did not look at the cost factor here. What I want is a good service. I had all what I wanted at Dialog Arcade. From the guy who opened the door to the help desk everyone was very helpful and patient with my enormous questions.

    So, if AirTel wants to succeed in Sri Lanka, they will have to provide a very good customer care service (like Dialog) to win the market. Sofar I do not have complaints about Dialog’s customer care services. Opinion can be divided by other contributors to this thread though.

  157. Does any one know the postal address & tele numbers of Airtel office?
    Do they have a web now?

  158. theyb havent yet.pls check it is linked to their indian site .you may ablr to find useful data from that.

  159. Welcome to AirTel.

    Why r u so delay. I like to enter your network.
    please inform Airtel packages and call charges.

    Do you make big differece in the mobile market in Sri Lanka.

    0775680366, 0775690366

  160. Airtel,
    Do u believe u can be success in Sri lanka….???

    As we are sri lanken don’t like to buy your SIM. Because, we have our own national telecommunication service providers…

    We wish your fail in Sri Lanka…


  161. hi airtel
    i m expecting u. quickly launch your network. most welcome. cheers



  163. Hi, I wish yo know the different types of packages AIRTEL plans to offer including corporate customers .Pls fwd a detailed package to my mail.



  164. i want to know the prices

  165. Pls inform details of AIRTEL packages. I wish u all the best.

  166. Dear Sir,
    Iam assistan Accountant and have 8years experience in sanasa bank
    in srilanka.if there is any vacancies available, pls contact me or send me you e-mail address so I will send you my cv my contact number is 0779236075 I would like to join airtel atthe account division.

  167. if u guys need airtel postpaid connections contact me at we are launching on 15th of dec.i am not supposed to give u details but you can save 75% on your phone bill with a airtel postpaid connection!

  168. Welcome airtel!

    We hope that airtel will provide a best broadband connection in very very cheaper rates than other idiots in Srilanka

  169. hi airtels network code is 075 provided by TRCL.Do you know TRCL says they didnt provide any tariff plans for them to approve.Yu guys are asking their corporate packages even.Dont be fools.Airtel has nothing to do here.

  170. we are waiting for airtel.

  171. i need premium no.we are waiting for new network air tel. all the best.i hope u wil b consider my requirement

  172. when wil u launch?

  173. I found this number 0751234567 this is Airtel number this only works in Mobitel network only.Try this guys!

  174. Airtel has opened their towers.But seems only in Colombo area.You can see it when you make a network search(manual search) in your mobile.Sri5 shows in it.

  175. Isura, u correct…
    Airtel cant do anything here…

    Airtel we refuse u… as Sri Lanken…

  176. See what have done by mobitel this few days Reduce the charge in GPRS. 3G delight! many more soon. Airtel go home!

  177. I cant understand why our foolish ppl need another indian operator.
    they come to destroy our economy. There is a v good example- IOC.
    -Indian Oil Company”
    they dont reduce their prices although they can…
    So, as sri lankens we should avoid indian things….
    We have our own national service providers like SLT and Mobitel(Leading Price reusing operator) .
    Lets support them….
    So Airtel U better GO HOME….

  178. Pls sent me all call chargers and packages

  179. dilan ruwan thranga


    dear sir

    iam dilan ruwan tharanga i am warking at central engineering consultancy bureau as a network technician since 2006 february
    i hope to joint ur companiy as a network technicion or surtabel job my qulipication.

    i am living at kaluthara districk mathuga,so if you wont to install a signal tower in our area i can prowide you very perpect place in my land.
    i am wating for airtel.i wish succes your target.


  180. we are waiting for airtel.

    Pls sent me all call chargers and packages

  181. I am living at Kurunegala distric Wariyapola,so if you won’t to install a signal tower in our area i can prowide you very perpect place in my land.
    i am waiting for airtel.i wish succes your target.

  182. if anybody has got airtel’s postal address in Sri Lanka, please send it to me its urgent.
    My mobile no-0772926636

  183. We are waiting for the airtel.we will be with you for your success.

  184. We have waited long enough

  185. I would like to enter the Airtel market

  186. hi airtel….
    why are you sooo late??? we all are whating for you.
    because we want you can do many thing in S.L.
    I am living at Kurunegala distric (village-meddepola),so if you want to install a signal tower in our area i can prowide you very perpect place in my land.pls sent me all call chargers and packages.
    I wish u all the best airtel

  187. hi aitel pls sent me the date when will you are start ar sri lanka?

  188. This is like a porn site desperate men and women waiting for the guy. Airtel….. im waitinggggggggggg



  190. airtel is good pls send when will you stard in srilanka

  191. hi airtel can’t you see there are many many people waiting for you.why are you sooooo late.pls come soon…

  192. Year is ending. Yet no airtell…..

  193. hahaha
    no Air Tell…
    wish ur loss airtell


  194. we waited for a couple days. pl come soon and give us a good and quality service of communication.

  195. yes sir the head of the company

  196. welcome to AIRTEL ………………………………………………………………. best of sri lanka…………………………………………………………………

  197. I hate U AirTel… bloody indian company…
    U go Home…
    our foolish ppl think u will solve all the problem….
    u cant win sri lanka market. b cozz
    we r sri lankens…
    wish ur loss in sri lanka

  198. Air tel will do amazing things at the start only.They will be normal when they havent profit.All foolish people who get Airtel connections have to turn their former networks.Airtel will be like Hutch.

    GO Home Airtel and keep your customers in India.

  199. Hello SRILANKA…
    Proud to be a Sri Lankan…!!!

    Hello INDIA…
    Go to Hell with Airtel…!!!

  200. We are welcome indo – sri lanka friend ship as a historical ways with good side of king Asoka . Only one father donate in this world , sacrifies two childres for other country;s benifit , so we have chemicaly and physicaly bound with Grate mother India , not only that but also the music and cultural values . I have being in Gujarat , Andra , Uthapadash . So this will be another opertunity to see -show to Global manner Sri lankan as a one country one nations from East to West North to South through WEB and Internet and IDD Facilities with efortable communication service ..Please come establish not as exploter but as a genuin business to safe guard mother indias name fore ever . give me the details how to contact you all. with the same please help us to share we love southern India We have visit poorest families with our SAPAP project. Not the manner Some politicians see our country with few politician of our soil . When We got the Terarist attack we got deep shok and our president and nations worried , since One time indians look after them they killd good leader from their soil . please tell the some indian tamil films are better than ours , good warding and currage is given as a Mother theresha and Gahandi gee , I

  201. Please change the first ideas

  202. I like to get your t/p Connectio.How can I apply for that.

  203. Hi,,,

    I would appy for a connection with your network.plz advice on this,my contact number is ( 0716904246 )

  204. Isura, you are 100% correct.
    some of our foolish sri lanken peoples think only about their MOUTH..
    They dont understand that AirTel come to suck our economy…
    WHAS Dinatissa is another wrong headed guy. He talking some historical BAILA. Cant he understand that indian Market hope to destroy us?
    AirTel is another money sucker like Indian Oil Company IOC…..
    See what they do in our country…
    So,As Sri lankens we shoud love our things…
    Think about our counrty…
    Please refuse bloody indian Products…

    So…We’ll wish the end of AirTell..Wish their loss in SriLanka….

    Air Tel MAKABEWIYAn….

  205. I waiting for AIRTEL launching

  206. @Rajapaksha you can comment on these sites also. This blogs shows how foreign companies cheting people.

  207. Need to get the Your Marketing details (New connections)Pre-paid/post paid.

    Sathuta Book Shop
    No 205
    Tel 036 72 0000 8 060 2 867 968
    Hot line 072 9 074 074

  208. It is extremely sad to see what most people commented here. Majority of people here awaiting for Airtel launch. Yes it is true that existing networks were charging high but they recently given good packages and they have good coverage.

    I know of some people who don’t want to buy Upahara package and waiting for Airtel. The message here for Airtel is that people here need a package like this, No rental, no call charges, free phone. Will they be able to do this.

    Most people here want to sell their things to Airtel. Remember, they will come here and suck our money. And they will bring everything from India.

    Can anyone name an Indian investment which brought benefits to SL economy. No benefits from IOC, from wanaspathi oil factories and any other investments.

    Guys, start boycotting Indian products, don’t fuel your cars from IOC, don’t buy Indian products.

  209. Hi Dr.Rohan, with reference to your research on market share, can you please let me know where I can find these research results. I request for this my studies. Hope you can help. Thank you.

  210. Airtel has nothing to do here.Mobitel is the best comment here

  211. People who values Foreing things always find and commenting Sri lankan things.Thats why our Nation downgrading every day.Every developed nation in the world value their local products and servises.Do you know SLT and Mobitel 49% Belongs to government.BUt Dialog,Tigo and hutch are foreign companies.Dilog and Tigo says save money from their per second billing but every cent you spending doesnt save in Sri Lanka they are flowing in to Malaysia and USA.But if you mabe a call from SLT or Mobitel Half of the call charge going to Government.Even not to some milioneries bank account like LANKA bell do.

    Now not only Dilog.Another Indian money earner Airtel entering to our market and our foolish Sri Lankans waiting for low rates.Every indian thing Bring our society bad recults,Think about Indian MEGA Tele DRAMAS and IOC do. This ppl have to be brainwashed.

  212. Some ppl blame about mobitels customer care and saying that Dialog has the best customer care.But Do you ever heared that Dialog calls their customers when they made an inquiry.
    I recently buy 3g phone But i havent Mobitel 3G coverage in my area.So i send them an email expressing my compain.After 45 minits.I got a call from mobitel customer care agent and she ask me details about area i living in and told me that they will inform the Engineering section.After few hours i checke tha=e mail and i received below email
    Dear Mr. Nirmal,
    this is in response to your e-mail and the subsequent telephone conversation I had with you today.
    We wish to inform you that our Engineering Team has confirmed the expansion of 3G coverage in *********area within next three month.
    Please call me on 071-*******or forward your queries to ****** for any further clarifications.
    Thank you,
    Your sincerely,
    Sureni Fernando
    Snr. Customer Care Executive
    Then i am very much satisfied with their customer care.
    People who values Foreing things always find and commenting Sri lankan things.Thats why our Nation downgrading every day.Every developed nation in the world value their local products and servises.Do you know SLT and Mobitel 49% Belongs to government.BUt Dialog,Tigo and hutch are foreign companies.Dilog and Tigo says save money from their per second billing but every cent you spending doesnt save in Sri Lanka they are flowing in to Malaysia and USA.But if you mabe a call from SLT or Mobitel Half of the call charge going to Government.Even not to some milioneries bank account like LANKA bell do.
    Now not only Dilog.Another Indian money earner Airtel entering to our market and our foolish Sri Lankans waiting for low rates.Every indian thing Bring our society bad recults,Think about Indian MEGA Tele DRAMAS and IOC do. This ppl have to be brainwashed.

  213. hi airtell why a u so late?????????????????????????????????????????????????/
    we r wating 4 u,
    we need good coverage,less charges,good opshions………..
    we know u can give it 4 us
    wish u d best

  214. @Nirmal, @Isura,,….
    I’ very happy about two of you….
    But, macho some of our foolish ppl think only about their “One Rupee”
    they have no idea how much they suck our economy…
    Specially ,we should refuse indian products..
    At least ,please dont “BEG FROM AIRTELL”
    We should honor to Sri Lanken things…at least Buy Mobitel….
    Mobitel customer is Vgood.. There are Some “Garilla Marketing” that Mobitel customer care isnt good.
    Its completely false…

    So friends,,, please donate to banned INDIAN THINGS….

    I hate AirTell….
    wish tour losss…..

  215. yo Rajapaksha/Nirmal,

    y you are giving your ass to MObitel network?????
    those assholes are sucking our economy through their billings,
    you mother fucker if you have any problem contact me you fucking assholes!!!!

    fuck you!!!!

  216. @ Uma, we have no problem with you my dear…
    If u want to give your ass to Airtel please give it.
    Please love to Sri Lanka..
    We no need to bias to any network. But if we think our country,mother lanka,our economy, our nation we should consider “What we buy?”
    It is your birth problem Uma.
    I saw your Mobile number. we no need it.
    Please give your ass to all network including coming blody AirTel also.
    If u like give your mothers ass also.
    Plese dont use words like you used,,,
    Again “It is your Birth Problem…”

  217. Hi Everyone ,

    Pls note sri Lanka is free country and any body can do any thing what they want ,Everyone have a freedom and rights to choose any thing which they want and they can choose right package as per there budget .
    I cant understand what the hell MR.Rajapakse was talking about
    Pls note there is No Mobile company is in sri lanka is 100%sri lankan .
    Everyone needs competitions ,without competition no body can grow
    we sri lankan need foregin investment and Jobs Etc ,Without these no country can grow ,I hope MR.Rajapakse can understand Engish
    We all awiting for Air Tell ,come soon
    We wish them bright future in Sri Lanka

    Thank You

  218. Nirmal, Rajapaksha,

    I completely agree with you. This is what I was talking about in my other two previous comments. I can’t imagine these stupids are dreaming about Airtel even before they introduce a single package here.

    These stupids need to understand that there is no single Indian investment done so far benefited Sri Lanka in any way.

    A person called Rohan Samarajeewa says this is “xenophobic rubbish”. He says that the conditions of petrol stations were improved only because of IOC. LOL LOL LOL……… I am wondering if we are the only country in the world spent enormous amount of money just to improve conditions of petrol stations. Mr. Samarajeewa, aren’t we????

    Is there any benefit that we got because of IOC?

    IOC was introduced to bring competition here but instead of that they are pocketing our money.

    Please don’t fuel your vehicles from IOC. We know Ceypetco is corrupted, but still the money goes to some Sri Lankans… not to Indians………

    Don’t buy Indian products…………

  219. This is the package package all these people are waiting……….

    Free phone
    No rental
    No call charges
    Island wide coverage

    and additionally you got to take care of our electricity bill too.

    If you can provide this… you will succeed here….

  220. Why do I say these anti Airtel rantings are xenophobic rubbish?

    A xenophobe is one who is unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin.

    It is undue to fear India, from where Buddhism came, where the Shantiniketan at which most of our musicians studied is located, where we send the most tourists/pilgrims, which is the fifth largest investor in the country and the biggest source of imports. Our people can afford medicine and transportation (Tata buses and cars; Marutis; Bajaj three wheelers; Hero Honda and TVS motorbikes) because they come from India which knows how to manufacture cheaply.

    Why is this rubbish? Over 40% of SLT is owned by a Malaysian company; over 80% of Dialog by a Malaysian company; Hutch and Tigo and 100% foreign owned. Suntel is majority Swedish owned. In the late 1990s when the foundations of telecom growth were laid, Hans Wijayasuriya was the only Sri Lankan CEO among the big seven. If not for foreign capital and foreign expertise we would still be paying bribes to get a phone and to keep it working. In the context of an industry that is majority foreign owned, it is rubbish to attack one company because it is Indian owned.

    It is better that foreign capital is used to build the phone networks because that allows us to use our money for other things like hospitals and education.

  221. @ Sachini, are u a sri lanken?

  222. Sachini ,oya lankawata poddakwath aadare nedda?

  223. I want apply to airtel for job. how can I apply.and what are the positions avalable at the moment?

  224. Hello Rajapakse ,

    Why dont you ask same questions from other Mobile Phone operators like ,Dialog ,Mobitel ,Hutch ,Tigo
    Cos all these companies are not fully owned by Sri Lanka .
    Why are so worry about only Air Tell ,
    How much they pay you to write these stories

  225. I would like to Thank for : ROHAN SAMARAJEEWA
    Only professional people can understand about this

  226. Dialog 100% Malasian Company. MTN
    Hutch 100% HongKong Company Hutchison Telecommunication
    Tigo 100% Millicom International
    Mobitel 60% Sri Lanken (100% owebed by SLT)-SLT 60% is on SL Government Hand…

    As a Sri Lanken select your network..
    Foolish Sachini cant be a professional…
    IF U come to chat I’ll prove who is professional…

    Sachini,,,at least be a 60% percent Sri Lanken…

  227. Wonder how Dialog can be 100% Malaysian and also traded in the Colombo Stock Exchange? One possibility is that the publicly traded shares are all owned by Malaysian citizens.

  228. @Uma seems to be not me and rajapaksha has given ass holes.You are totally sacrifice yours to Dialog.You dare publish your number.I hate 077.I don’t want to waste my money.

    @sachini dear,Some people thinks fluent some English and doing a job with good appearance is everything.You says country cannot raise without foreign coumpanies.So it maybe China,India and Cuba developed because of foreign countries.Show me if you have evidence.I agree with you about no telephone company belongs 100% here.Because we haven’t technology.We haven’t Satellite.We haven’t fully owned cable internet back born.Otherwise how we have them with people like you.This is Sinhalese like.Even Sinhalese last king is betrayed to English by also a Sinhalese.People like you with foreign origin always betray our country.Dont ask rajapaksha that how much they pay to say like that.As a Sri lankan we have that right.You haven’t Sri Lankan Blood.
    @ everyone Now no network can defeat Mobitel.Government backing them.Sometimes Government will buy it too as Sri lankan Airlines.Dialog is loosing its customers rapidly.One thing i can exactly say after 18,when Airtel launches,Every one who is looking forward for it will heart broken.
    @rajapasha you can contact me this way if you need to see my profile at

  229. i think u ll be d best ion srilanka.dear air tell u can provide good servise dear aietell we need good coverage,low cost rates,so we lv u,& im a cam. student,so all of us waitingu,dear airlel come soon.good buy
    wish u all d best.

  230. I don’t think comparing AirTel with IOC will be sensible as both are two different markets and unlike in fuel trade, mobile telephony market has created a very competitive market where everybody can offer competitive products and services rather than offering carrots for a short term period to get into the market. So, the best player will win.

  231. lv u airtell.ummmmmmmma…

  232. @ Wanni,,
    Yap, best player will win…
    Bt don’t you like to CHEER to Sri Lanken company?

  233. Well, as I mentioned somewhere in this blog, I was not happy about the treatment I got at a teleshop which was originally 100% Sri Lankan and now, partly a foreign subsidiary. Se, Sri Lankan or foreign, they should learn to treat the customers and win them. Like the Japanese do, Sri Lankan sales staff should learn to treat the customers well. This is one minus point “Be Sri Lankan, Buy Sri Lankan” campaign face.

  234. “Be Sri Lankan, Buy Sri Lankan”

    Refuse Indian Products…
    As they refuse our army….
    Be a Sri lanken…

  235. Well,I’ve used Airtel connection for the past 3 years,during the period i stayed in India.I am very much satisfied with the service Airtel provided to me..I wish the services to be the same here in Srilanka.All the best with your launch to be success…

  236. @ DARSHINIE,
    U are an Indian…
    Keep your products in India..
    we dont need it…
    we wish loss to AirTel…


  237. I’m waiting for you

  238. good luck…..

    pls send me ur call chargers,couple package details& internet packeges details……i hope take a air tel connection…

  239. Pl send Ur call detail & Contact No.s We can Promot Airtel in Minuwangoda area.

  240. @ Sugath Fonseka,,,
    Ane metto,,,, ubath indiwata kade yanawe ne?

  241. Hi im waiting for you air tel.plz give me a your coustomer service tel number soon as posible.i like to get new sim……………………….

  242. @Chinthaka,
    hik hik…thawath mettek…

  243. Why Airlel, why are you dragging so long time ? waiting for you air tel qive replay when u issving my dear Aitel

  244. Bunch of Clowns….!!!
    Today is 18th December, Where r u Mr.Sharuk…???

  245. It seems Airtel never comes Today is 18 th.Someone in this blog promised they will launch today I think they will fail to launch until 2009


  246. Hey this Airtel shit isnt gonna work here ever .people change ur minds.
    keep ur damn sims with U.
    Even they could launch it here wont survive for long as they dont
    recognise the market here.
    Just dump the whole Airtel shit into the drain will U!!!!!



    paka thamai…
    hambei thota…. balan idapan…

  250. @sapumal Me minissunta pissu neda? Airtel gana heen mawa mawa ennawa arenna wena weda ne wage

  251. We look forward Airtell to your launch soon,please give us the date,and your incoming and outgoing call charges,we are from matara,and are waiting to Join you,Good Luck,Mario.

  252. Hi friends,,,,,

    Airtel you loss in Sri Lanka…
    Our national National service provider reduced internet prises. M3 is the best.

    Come on Mobitel .We love U..
    Dialog is also good.

    So,,,competition is on…
    You go to hell Airtel…
    As Sri Lankens ,we like our things,,,,

    You loss Airtell…

  253. We look forward Airtell to your launch soon, most of the Sri Lankan waiting for your and hope new change in mobile industry.

    Good luck !!!

  254. hooooooo………
    I,m waiting for ur good services so please open your services soon.

  255. We are waiting for you.

    come soon.

  256. AAA Ado AirTel warenko…
    dennam hoda wedak…
    ape pol buuuruwo balan innawa AirTel ganna….
    meti harak. Thamanta thiyena de wedagath netiwa,yanawa thawa indiyaanu company1ta p_ka denna…
    Mooda yakku…

    Airtel apita epa…Api Sinhala…

  257. Sir/Madam

    I am interesting Your Network and Give me a more details about your Network (Airtel) , Call Charge, Coverage Price 4 sim card ect…..

  258. Welcome Sri Lanka

  259. @Asanka

    Balan idapan genella denkal…
    බලන් හිටපන් ,,ගෙනෙල්ලා අතටම ඩෙනකල්…


  260. May I know the exact date when you are going to launch your srvices? I’m waiting with hundreds of customers to convert your network if it is attractive than the existing packages provided by the other networks in Sri Lanka.

    Do you have any packages outgoing free within the group? Can you please send me your packages details?

    Farzan Samsudeen
    Faculty of Management
    University of Kelaniya

  261. Do you know what dialog do now? they says proved to be a Sri lankan.They should correct it.Proved to be a Malasiyan.Only Slt and Mobitel can say that.

  262. SLT and Mobitel also are Malaysian. Only LankaBell is Sri Lankan

  263. @Lankabell Oh do you think Lankabell is saving money to sri lanka? they only saving them to their Bank accounts.Slt and Mobitel 49% owns to government.they also doing Social work and spend more money to society.How many that kind of things have done by Lankabell? pls tell me

  264. dear sir,

    we are always well come such compatition involve in our market. this is will bring benifit to our phone user. and also i would like to joint you are organization hence give me you contact information through my e-mail address or mobille here are my contacts:
    2. 00966501065145.
    thank you and regards,

  265. lowest rates?

  266. want to know about packages,call charges & broad band internet packages!!!!!!!

  267. send some information about job oppotunities

  268. looking forward to airtel srilanka web site soon….

  269. Ubala seratama Pissu…!!!
    Go to Hell, Airtel with all these crap

  270. when airtel come to srilanka????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  271. i want to know how much is sim air tell????????? ????and charges
    and when lanc in srilanka

  272. I want to know about your package details.

  273. I want to know abt package details and available staff positions for new staff appoinment.


  274. @Sirini Ruhunuge

    ane moooda Sirinite,,,
    u hithnawada me wage site ekaka ubata ooona dewal demmama okkoma denawa kiyala…
    moooda geniyekk..
    Sinhalen hithana Sri Lankikayek wenawa…
    Indiyan company1kt P__ka dennetiwa lankawe dewal gannawa…
    meti harak.

  275. Postpone is not best thin 2 ur harm 2 ur image

  276. hey we are waiting 4 u.

  277. 4 my comunication wanna urs airtel board

  278. @rosanjana yachira

    waren mam dennam….


    hik hik..

  279. what the day airtel comeing.I think 200?.

  280. Airtel come soon I’m Waiting you

  281. அன்புடன் வரவேற்கின்றோம்.

  282. I wish your LOSS in Sri Lanka…
    Happy LOSS Year AirTel….

    Go to Hell AirTel…


  283. Fuck off… people those who say Airtel will go under a loss if it comes to sri lanka…

    It will be a successful business….
    And may i know when will AIRTEL be lauched????

  284. Happy New Year 2009 AirTel !.

    I Would Like To Join With Airtel
    As Customer Care Ajent Or Computer
    Side,Accounting Any Vacancy With
    Airtel.. Please Reply Me!
    Im Waiting For You…
    From : Lasantha
    Address : No: 95,
    Kahatagaha Watta,

  285. I Would Like To Join With Airtel…
    Dear Sir !
    Im Waiting For You…
    From : Lasantha
    Address : No: 95,
    Kahatagaha Watta,

  286. Want Airtel Full Coverage To Radawana Area.
    (Gampaha District-15km)
    Location : 10 Mile Post (Radawana)
    Im Belive You…
    Im Hope You…

    From : Lasantha
    Address : No: 95,
    Kahatagaha Watta,

  287. Want Full Coverage To Radawana Area.
    (Gampaha District-15km)
    Location : 10 Mile Post (Radawana)
    Im Belive You…
    Im Hope You…

    From : Lasantha
    Address : No: 95,
    Kahatagaha Watta,

  288. @Lasantha

    Ado Lasantha….
    waren mam ubata job1k denna…
    Hik Hik modayen…
    eka hithan inne me forum eka AirTel HR ge site eka kiyalai…

    Anyway I wish your loss in Sri LAnka…
    U go to hell Airtell…

    U have to learn a lesson from sri lanken…
    We refuse you..
    If you give all out going free SIM for no rentel I’ll consider to buy sim..
    other wise I will not spent single rupee for Indian Company…
    You Fuck off ghani….

    Hik nHIk…
    Loss Airtell…


  289. Sapumal,

    I am with you. These stupids are thinking if this is Airtel site :D heh heee

  290. I am just repeating here… all the people who can’t wait till Airtel starts their operations in Sri Lanka, wants following package from Airtel.

    1. Free phone with SIM
    2. No rental
    3. No call charges
    4. Island wide coverage
    5. and additionally you got to take care of our electricity bill too.

    Like Dialog GSM says “Tomorrow Today” Airtel will say…. “You call, we pay”

    If you can provide this… you will succeed here….

    LOL LOL LOL …………………

  291. i want to air tel .I love Air tell very much

  292. my hope is you don’t forget us,you alleys try to give us to out going call totally free.can you give us ,,,,i think you can do this..

    +94 772 600 350

  293. This is not a official Release But I Heared That They Will Launch On 6ht or 10th.

    (Yesterday is saw The Negombo Branch Door Is Half Opened And Some People Are Moving Thing Here And There,

    And Airtel Has Provided Their Dealer Boards To The Shops)

    Any How As I Know They Are Now Preparing To Launch Soon As Possible And They Are Checking Their Towers or May Be They Have Finished IT.

    Surely I Can Say That Their Launch Will Be On Before March.

  294. plz give me a very good no

  295. Dear Airtel,

    I’m waiting 4 u……..

  296. Chathuranga Chandrapala

    Come on airtel

  297. How is ur Charges
    Out Going
    An All fetures
    send to my E-mail

  298. koooooooooo thama neena..????? im waitin 4 u airtel

  299. im from badulla.

  300. HI AIRTEL!!


  301. very good but most people don’t know about air tel features

  302. Hi Airtel

    wel come airtel wait in for all of u

  303. thanks for launching airtel in srilanka so all guys n gal can have fun taking too plz i rely wanna sim

  304. Dear Sir !
    I Would Like To Join With Airtel Mobile Network. If You Have Customer Care Or Computer Side Or Any Vacancy, Please Reply Me ! Im Hope Airtel. Im Waiting Airtel.
    Thank You !
    Lasantha -Radawana


  305. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Welcome to Sri Lanka!!! I have seen your latest advertisement on TV and i hope you will be very successful in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka does have number of telecom companies but i truly believe that you are strong to give good competition.I was waiting for you from last year checking websites and now here you are from 12th January 2009!

    I am a female from Kandy working as a customer care executive in an internationally reputed company. I am looking forward to join your prestigious organization as a customer care executive.I posses required experience for such a job. If you have any such vacancies please contact me through my mail. Good luck and all the best!!

    Thank You.


  306. @Sriwanthi

    Ane ban Sriwanthi ,….

    oyaa harima modai…
    oya hithanne methana inne AirTel oweners la kiyalada…?
    meti harakiyek…
    hik hik…

    Add ekanam lassanai..
    balamuko lankaawe salli indiyawata aranyana lassana…
    mooda harak ganin Airtel. Airtel ganne harak…

  307. please send me your rates in sri lanka

  308. please send me the rates in sri lanka.

  309. hi airtel, I am waiting to work with u guys in Sri Lanka.glad that ur’ll are coming.wish u all the best.

  310. by the way i am from dehiwala.

  311. Can i also have your e-mail add pls?.pls tell me how to join Airtel.thanks

  312. Best wishes good luck

    Excellent Service is better than more publicity

    Be a better service provider


  313. I am nipunika de silva from contact number is address-no.92/1, galle road, dehiwala(south).would be glad to join Airtel.hoping to here from ur’ll soon.thanx

  314. dunila hettiarachchi

    I would like to join with you…!
    best wishes!!

  315. dunila hettiarachchi

    would like to hear from!

  316. dunila hettiarachchi


    56, Gunatghilaka road, Panadura.
    Contact no.-0713184100/0382238766

    BEST WISHES….!:-)

  317. thanks

  318. wel come to srilanka i wish to sucees in the srilanka.Airtel can do better service in other net works.again wel come to srilanka…………

    I would like to join airtel. If you have any such vacancies please contact me. Good luck and all the best of luck.I am graduate in the university of peradeniya.

    Best Luck to the airtel.your are hero in the future.

  319. hey Guys & Gals,
    Do you believe that Airtel is coming here because of their kindness towards Sri Lankans..? oh..I don’t believe…coz I know much about Airtel & following facts will guide you..(I challenge Airtel to give counter arguments for those..)

    1. Airtel is using cheapest Chinese Equipments, that’s why they can come with lower charges

    2. The performance will degrade very sooner (less than 1 year), then all the subscribers will have to suffer.

    3. they are coming with both 2G & 3G…still now they are struggling with 2G (GSM). The products they’ve used for 2G are from the rejected brand from most of other Operators. Therefor their 2G (GSM) network is still having many problems & it’ll be one of worst network in the World

    4. their delay in launching in Sri Lanka was mainly due to Point (3)

    5. Airtel’s performance in India is no doubt. Its superior. the simple reason is they use high quality European product. But how can we have a guarantee of similar performance here with these Chinese low quality products..?

    6. Just think about Global Trends. In future Indians & Chinese will enter into world market & they’ll extract all the profits from other Nations. (Airtel is coming with both Chinese & Indian involvement- this will not be good for Sri Lanka in future)

    7. Bharathi (india) Airtel’s one of major intentions is to use Sri Lanka as a place for their Testings (as a test bed). This will cause high power, Microwave emissions which can cause for health effects (headache, Cancer..Gene Abnormalities)

    Above are only some facts…Sri Lankans, You may know some other facts too…specially People from Technical Areas may add more into this.

    Lets see the things with open mind…this is our country, we are Sri Lankans…!!

  320. first best wishes to u!!
    & welcome to sri lanka.
    i would like to join with your telecom network so i like to know about your chargers?can you reply me?anyway always my best wishes
    with you!!!

  321. Hi airertel team

    we are waiting for you, why you are late this is big opertunaerty for us,

    one is your valuble service
    second one is employment opertunerty for us

    first one is ok, but second one is the?

    we like work with your company, can you give channce for us

    Thank you

  322. can u send me Air tel rates

  323. hai dear welcome srilanka..

  324. Airtel rocks Sri Lanka along with the best bollywood actor King Khan/Shahrukh Khan! Once Airtel steps in Sri Lanka, most probably already stepped, the Hutchinson will not be here… It will be totally lost… That’s Confident! It can’t capture the market how much even it tries! There will be competition between the Airtel,Dialog,Mobitel & TIGO,not Hutch… Airtel is going to be the No.1 service provider in Sri Lanka, so it’s gonna take Dialog’s place! There is news that Airtel provides connections of Mobitel to the employees with incoming & outgoing totally free! And there is another news that it uses the Call-centre of Timex BPO. The people who apply for this job will be working under Timex,not Airtel. Timex is out-sourcing!!!

  325. please send incoming , outgoing rates & other rates too (sms , mms)

  326. hi air tel……..
    i will wait for you service………
    can u send you call chargs list

  327. Prageeth Maddumagamage

    it would be great & great honour to have your service in our small country.
    hope now we will be able to have good enough mobile service and i know it will.
    ok airtel waiting to connect with you as soon as possible.
    keep it up.
    wish you long life.

  328. Hi!

    Competition makes quality.
    Airtel life is depending on Qulaity, best service, cost, and coverage.
    So WATCH and DECIDE Whcih one is best.
    we will wait for you.

  329. hello sharuk,
    nice 2 meet u airtel

  330. Hello Air Tell

    Could you please send us the all details with regard to Air tell Sri lanka

  331. Hey airtel team
    sri lankans waiting for big change



  332. Hi AIRTEL,

    I can’t believe. There are long long queues in front of the AIRTEL offices before they open in the morning. I also hope to get two connections. It is better to publish your packages, call charges as well as conditions through a website and e-mails.



  333. i want to air tel sim

  334. i want to air tel office job

  335. Hi AIRTEL,
    Waiting to get AirTel Sim.

  336. welcome to Sri Lanka,I want to AIRTEL sim,hoe can get it.

    Best wishes to AIRTEL.

  337. Tharanga Samaranayake

    Hi Airtel,
    I’m waiting for get airtel sim

  338. Hi AIRTEL team,

    I can’t believe. There are long long queues in front of the AIRTEL offices before they open in the morning. There is good trend on AIRTEL in Sri Lanka.
    I also hope to get two connections. It is better if you publish your packages, charges as well as your conditions through a website & e-mails. .



  339. Hello : RAJAPAKSE ,

    Now what are you going to tell ?
    Now you have to come behind and take a Air tell Connection

    Thank you

  340. hi….air tel. i want join ur network..pls send me u r connection rates….

  341. Hi AIRTEL,

    I can’t believe. There are long long queues in front of the AIRTEL offices before they open in the morning. I also hope to get two connections. It is better to publish your packages, call charges as well as conditions through a website and e-mails.


    K. Eswaralingam

  342. Hi All,

    just to update you guys, Airtel is launching on the 12th giving away SIMs FOC – AWESOME!! my god the queue in front of Airtel offices! just like the Mobitel launch! hehe.. well all i can say is, Sri Lankan telecommunication industry is in this state today SIMPLY BECAUSE OF DIALOG AND SLT (DIALOG – MOBILE, SLT FIXED LINE!) NO Airtel or relience coming in can change the fact that THEY MADE THE COUNTRY! in terms or atleast keeping us at teh pace or rather ahead of the world.(first to launch 3G and WiMAX in Asia – Dialog)

    and the investments that Dialog and SLT are making on the NETWORK expansion (dialog is laying fiber connecting all the base stations in SL- investmetn 100 mllion(12.500 bill) USD basically the profits it made in 2006 and 2007) just to improve our industry.

    and what is Airtel doing? Network – outsourced, retails outsourced (PC House), Corporate sales outsourced, call centre outsourced. IF and when they realise that SL is not as attractive as it seems they will just wrap- up pack there bags and LEAVE!

    BTW did i tell mention. SL is a test market for them because the smallest sample in India is 50 million! and SL the population is 20
    they will give free sims, phones in SL, get the response and do a study and sell and make profit in India!

    what ever it is, i LOVE the brand Airtel they touched hearts in India
    but they can never touch the hearts of Sri Lankans we know who brought us to this stage in the world (in terms of telecommunication) and we respect that

    CHEERZ! may Dialog – Mobitel RULE!

  343. Pls do send me contacts of Air Tel Sri Lanka to register for a SIM

  344. saminda senanayake

    I’m very happy to start operation airtel in sri lanka. i would like to know about more airtel. I wish all my heart airtel all operation will succed. send me a mail how can i get airtel connection. i’m in gampaha district.

  345. Please tell me the airtell charges/


    can you give the call chargers please.
    outgoing call charges
    incoming call charges
    bill information

  347. happy to hear your starting day airtel.i know you have a good aim.
    do it at your best airtel ok.Be the best tele.provide in sri lanka.we are weating for you
    good luck airtel
    HELLOW SRI LANKA (It’s beautiful…..)

  348. welcome 2 Airtel. i would like to know about more airtel. I wish all my heart airtel all operation will succed. send me a mail how can i get airtel connection. i’m in NuwaraEliya district.

  349. Hi………. AIRTEL………….
    ****************welcome to Sri Lanka***************

  350. welcome 2 Airtel. i would like to know about more airtel. I wish all my heart airtel all operation will succed. send me a mail how can i get airtel connection. i’m in NuwaraEliya district.
    can you give the call chargers please.
    outgoing call charges
    incoming call charges
    bill information

  351. Hi Airtel
    I would like to join with you…!
    come soon I’m Waiting you to get AirTel Sim.

  352. Hi Airtel

    I like to get your sim. How can I apply for that. pls. send me a application Form.
    Bye AIRTEL Come soon………….

  353. hi,
    I like to get a airtel sim because of the cheapest rates in srilanka.

    How can i apply for it?


  354. Airtel Ambassador!!!!!!!
    Really Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Plz giv me ur details.



  356. Like to try a new provider because I am fed up ….., Waiting for Airtel..come soon..,

  357. can i have a contact number of airtel if anyone of you guyz have???

  358. Airtel pre booking service is going well.But will they issu free sims? It seems that they will give free out going withing the network.But this is their another trick.Every people will try to call from Airtel network and it will get jam soon.So no one can take calls.This is their marketing trick.After they stoped pre number booking service i am sure they will say they got one million customers even before they launched.
    Sri lankan ppl are always always cheted.Foolish ppl cant unberstand their marketing tricks.GOd bless Sri lanka!

  359. HI AIR TEL MY MOBILE NO 0757456789


  361. i would like to know about more airtel. I wish all my heart airtel all operation will succed. send me a mail how can i get airtel connection. i’m in NuwaraEliya district.
    can you give the call chargers please.
    outgoing call charges
    incoming call charges
    bill information

  362. Firstly i would like to state that the resistive minions who are against Airtel have no common sense and are making hasty conclusions due to their superiority complex. Let us remember that with the current economic crisis at hand, we are blessed that such foreign investors come into our country. This brings about a pool of jobs for our unemployed locals! It is absolutely redundant of people to deny someone a job and hence a living!
    Airtel is known for its excellence in telecommunications. Every company adapts different policies and approaches at different angles. We Sri Lankans need to develop Sri Lanka. We need investors to do this. Airtel is a blessing. It is here… and is here to stay… It will not be intimidated by remarks made by senseless people.

    “Think before you leap…”

  363. what ever they say we continue with our tradition!!!says “AIR TEL” …
    we love u…bcoz of u only fucking dialog company have reduced their call charges…and others too…people mind this!!!

  364. YOU people blast AIR TEL here by saying some fucking comments…but for sure all of you will change your attitude very soon…specially people who r talking about the topic “economic crisis”…lol

  365. Please arrange our request number. Please arrange Last 6 digits request for us. And arrange Lowest packages with family.I wish you all the best.

  366. Please arrange for our request. Ex. Last 6 digits our selections. And arrange monthly rentle for family 2 or 3 nos.
    I wish you all the best !!!!

  367. Please arrange for Customer request nos. Ex. Last 6 digits our selections. And arrange lowest cost monthly rentle for family packages ( only 2 or 3 nos).
    I wish you all the best !!!!

    Leave a Reply
    Welcome back

  368. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to join with your reputed company. now I’m Working for a International Hospital as a Senior Customer Care Executive. If you have any vacancy for me please contact me on my email address.

    Thanks/Best Regards,

  369. Let’s see what this ‘HulanTel’ or ‘WathaTel’ going to offer next week. They are trying to make use of bollywood mania of Sri lankans. That’s why they use Mr.Sharuk in front. What we really need is, not that good old Sharuk. but a Good package which can beat Mobitel or Dialog. Plus, Good Coverage, Good Customer Service & Attractive Value Added Services. Unless why should we switch from Mobitel/Dialog to WathaTel.

    In addition, i suspect that Mobitel/Dialog/Tigo will sleep in next few weeks. Definitely they will come up with Better packages as they don’t want to sell their Customer base to this Indian Predator.

    What a Week to Come…?

    God Save All Operators

    Blessings for All Customers


  370. I wish you all the best…

  371. I love to hear that you are launching the network 12/01/2009 in Sri Lanka.
    Also I wish to know the packages & charges pleas send me the details through my male.
    All the best………..& Welcome……………

  372. @sachini,,,
    My dear Sachini…
    Do u still beleave that WathaTel/HulanTell Can succes?
    U wrong dear…
    Our foolish ppl can afford sims as long as they are free,,,
    But do u know their charges?
    Dont be Foolish donkey.
    Airtel even have no 3G in India…
    SL is a test bed to them.. if u like,u can lay on bed…
    them indian ppl will empty ur and our country money to India…
    You cant see this as u r try to be a Indial follower.

    Any way I still wish the failure in Airtel..

    Come on Dialog Mobitel…. we like u..

    Airtel –Lost with u Sahini…

  373. can i know your call charges please

  374. hello airtel welcome to srolanka

    i want sale SIM s. please send you rates & packages price

    thank you airtel

  375. i love air tel i want air tel sim

  376. “Ayubowan” Airtel,

    We need a change, we need good rates, we need good quality service from u guys. Hope to experience a huge difference within the telecomunication industry.

    Best wishes,

  377. Wish you all the best for launching the service on 12th January 2009.Hope you would get more crowd out of Sri Lanka.
    Give us Goooood Deals!.
    Visit on 12th Monady.

  378. i already register for Airtel Sim on 06th of Jan 2009. but i didn’t got any information from Airtel. so please give me a replay soon

  379. Hi Airtel……….
    Warmly welcome to Sri Lanka.


  381. I wont to bay a airtel mobil conection

    Airtel Network Department..

    Radawana Area(Gampaha District-17Km) Have Not Airtel 2G,3G Network Coverage. Meny Peoples Are Waiting For Airtel Network Coverage And Waiting Airtel Sim’s!

    Dear Sir..
    Please Select My Land For Build Up Airtel Tower. I Can Help !

    Kahatagaha Watta,
    (Keerthirathna Mawatha)

    Contact :
    Thank You..

    Airtel !
    Can You Give Airtel Branch Service Center To Our Radawana Town?

  383. first best wishes to u!!
    & welcome to sri lanka.
    i would like to join with your telecom network so i like to know about your chargers?can you reply me?anyway always my best wishes
    with you!!!

  384. Dear AIRTEL Management,

    I kindly request you we need a better service from your company more than dialog.Bcs i expecting that the airtel charges also lower rate more than other main companies.There is a remarkable change in Sri Lanka When the AIRTEL lanching in Sri Lanka AIR.I wish u all the best for all of u & i mainly hope a bettr service.

    Thank you

    Rauf Mohamed

  385. Hi Air tel We happy when we heard Air tel come to Sri lanka.But We don’t know’s ok however definitely Air tel charges are very low.we hope airtel is good for us.Ok come soon and give us enjoy ourselves.

  386. First Good Luck!!! Air Tel!!
    And wel come to srilanka!!!
    i hope Ari tel use full 4 us!!
    and the music also soo Nice BY A.R RAHMAN!!!!
    so i wish u ari tel u want to become a nice tele commonication in srilanka!!!

  387. Airtel Network Department..

    Galnewa Area(Anuradhapura District-40 Km) Have Not Airtel 2G,3G Network Coverage. Meny Peoples Are Waiting For Airtel Network Coverage And Waiting Airtel Sim’s!

    Dear Sir..
    Please Select My Land For Build Up Airtel Tower. I Can Help

    MNK Video Center Communication & Book Shop,
    M.A.M.N Kumara,
    No 06,
    Please Give me the airtell Details

    Thank You

    wel come to srilanka
    I wont to bay a airtel mobil conection
    i hope Ari tel use full 4 us!!

  389. Did you ever thought why they hiding their tariffs from Sri Lanka and keep it as a top secret???
    There could be 3 reasons for that.

    1. Their call rates could be the best rates in sri lanka.
    2. Their call rates could be the worst rates in sri lanka.
    3. There is no different of rates comparing to Mobitel’s Upahara & Dialog’s Master Blaster.

    If it is the 1st reason, then it would make a huge revolution in Sri lankan telecommunication Industry. And Dialog and mobitel would introduce similer packages as soon as possible.

    If it is 2nd reason, then sri lankan community will loose the confidence they kept on Airtel and sooner Airtel will become just another Hutch in Sri lanka.

    If it is 3rd reason, then there will be no difference at all. People will continue selecting operator as they wish. And many people will be broken hearted as they believed that airtel will offer them best call charges.

    Most probably it could be the 3rd reason. As Mobitel is owned by SLT and Sri lankan government has major share of SLT, all most all earned by mobitel goes to SLG(SL Government). Mobitel offers lowest call charges in sri lanka then their customers grow and SLG will have a huge profit out of that.

    So would SLG allow airtel to offer the lowest rates in sri lanka???????

    SLG will get atleast about 27% from Airtel where as SLG get nearly 100% from mobitel.

    So what does your heart says???
    Would airtel will offer the lowest rates in Sri Lanka???????

    You’ll get the answer tomorrow(12th Jan. 2009).

    Wish you guys all the best.

  390. hi air tel, best wishes for your visit to srilanka. we warmly well come you and believe you very much.

  391. well come…………..

  392. i want to air tel sim. ur well come for sri lanka
    my mobitel hand phone no : 0094-0717-107929
    my dialog hand phone no : 0094-0777-107929
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    now my airtel hand phone no : 0094-…..-107929

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    WELCOME TO SRI-LANKA My land phone no:033-2223498 I want two airtel sim

    My choice;[1] 0757-000000,0757-770077,0757-707070,0757-333000,0757-000444
    [2] 0757-000555,0757-777111,0757-111111,0757-223498,0757-145614

    I wish you guys all the best

  395. Airtel පැකේජ් එකක් ගත්තම ඒ සල්ලි ඉන්දියාවට නේද? අපෙ රටේ mobile සමාගම් මේ තරගයෙන් පසු බහීවිද දන්නෙ නෑ. එහෙම වුනොත් නම් රටේ ආර්ථිකයට ලොකු බලපෑමක් වේවි.

    Mata pudumai me site eke inna samahara sinhala modayo gena…

  396. Best Wishes…………..

  397. Good luck….

  398. wish you all the best
    pls sent me your rates in sri lanka

  399. hi airtel.i am tharshanan. me and my phone is watting for you.give a good number for me

  400. තවමත් Mobitel හොදයි වගේ.


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    1. I Would Like To Work With Airtel. Please Call Me..

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    Not Only I Would Like To Get Airtel Reload Dealership.
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  405. @Lasantha
    Ane ban ,,ubata hodatama pissuda lasanthayo…

    moda lasantha..

    Airtel Hooooooooo…..

  406. 2009 ජනවාරි මස 12න දින එනම් අද ආරම්භ කරන බවට ඔවුන්ගේ නිල දැන්වීමක් රූප මාධ්යයේ පල වූවා. නමුත් ඔවුන්ගේ දැන්වීම් වල මෙම සෙවාව මුලින්ම පාරිභෝගියාට ගෙනයන ආකාරය ගැන කිසිදු සඳහනක් දැක්වූයේ නැහැ. නමුත් ඔවුන් අප්‍රසිද්ධියේ පාරිභෝගියකයන්ට අවශ්‍ය දුරකථන අංක වෙන්කර දීමක් සිදුකරන බව මාහට දැනගන්න ලැබුනා. ඒ පිලිබඳ මා දන්න තරමින් මාධ්ය දැන්වීම් පලවූයේ නැහැ. මොබිටෙල් GSM සේවාවන් ආරම්භ කරන්නට යන විට ඔවුන් ඒ පිලිබඳව පාරිභෝගිකයා දැනුවත් කලා. ඉතින් මටත් හිතුනා අද එයාර්ටෙල් කුටියකට ගොඩ වැදී ඔවුන්ගේ සිම් කාඩ්පත් පිලිබඳ විස්තර දැනගන්න. මම එයාර්ටෙල් නම සහිත සන්නිවේදන මධ්යස්ථාන වලට ගොඩ වැදී කරුනු විමසුවත් කිසිවක් ඔවුන් දන්නේ විමසුවත් කිසිවක් ඔවුන් දන්නේ නැහැ. ඒත් මම අහුවා ඇයි එහෙනම් ඔයාලා බෝඩ් ගහගෙන ඉන්නේ කියලා. එතකොට කියනවා ඒ වුනාට අපි තාම දන්නෙ නැහැලු ඒ ගැන. හික්.. මම ඔන්න බොරැල්ලෙ එයාර්ටෙල් සමගමේ store outlet එකකට අද ගියා. මෙන්න බොලේ ඒක වහලා. අද තමයි එයාර්ටෙල් ලෝන්චින් ඩේට් එක. ඒ වුනාට ඒක වහලා ඉස්සරහ දැන්වීමක් අලවලා එයාර්ටෙල් නොම්මර වෙන් කරගනිපු පාරිභෝගියන්ට ස්තුතියි කියලා. මොන විහිලුවක්ද මේක. මේගැන හාන් කවිසියක් කලින් දැනගෙන හිතියේ නෑ. ඒ වුනාට හොරෙන්ම නොම්මරත් ඒ වුනාට හොරෙන්ම නොම්මරත් වෙන් කරල දීලා. මට නම් ඒ වෙලාවෙ මල පැන්න. මදැයි මමත් එයාර්ටෙල් ගන්න ගිය මුලින්ම සේවාව දෙන දවසේ. ඉතින් මේ විදියට බොරැල්ලෙ outlet එකට ගොඩක් අය ඇවිල්ල අර අලවපු දැන්වීම බලල බැන බැන හැරිල ගියා. පාරිභෝගික සත්කාරය පලවෙනි දවසෙම අල වුනා. ඔවුන්ගෙ සේවාව ඔවුන්ගෙ සේවාව ඔවුන්ගෙ සේවාව බලපොරොත්තුවෙන් පෙරුම් පුර පුරා බලා හිටපු පාරිභෝගිකයන්ට සේවාව දියත් කරපු පලවෙනි දවසෙම මේ වගේ අත් දැකීමක් ලබා දීපු එක නම් මම නම් අනුමත කරන්නෙ නැහැ.

  407. I surprised that Airtel does not have a website. I cannot even find their Indian website. Looks a very low key operator. So let’s be cautious.

    I hear that coverage is only up to 30 Km.

  408. I need a connection. Please help.

  409. SLG,

    SLT/Mobitel is not 100% Sri Lankan Government, but about 50%. Over 45% in owned by a Malaysian Company where most of shares are held by a Jaffna Tamil.

  410. I pay Rs. 4 per call on my Double M connection. That is with the Rs. 3000 package. Mobitel you better move quickly or else all Double M and Prepaid users will move out. Only Uphara customers will remain.

  411. Hi,

    Can someone give the complete details of the Airtel Prepaid and Post paid packages ? Any free calls ?

  412. I also found out that the Rs. 2 outgoing in only till end of February. It will be Rs. 2.50 thereafter. So Please get the information correctly before changing. The charges could be jacked up later..:)

  413. එයාටෙල් අපිව ගොනාට ඇන්දවීම

    ඒත් මෙයාලගේ පෙරගෙවුම් හා පසුගෙවුම් ‍සියලු පැකේජ වල ඇමතුම් ගාස්තු සමානයි. විශේෂ අංක සදහා විශේෂ සේවා ගැන සදහනක් තාම නෑ. අනික මෙයාලගෙ පෙරගෙවුම් සබදතාවල අනිවාරිය ගාස්තුවකුත් තියනව. ඒ සීමාව පන්නල නියමිත අංක නැතිව හැම අංකෙටම ඇමතුම් ගන්න පෙරගෙව්ම් පාරිභෝගිකයට මේක වාසි. ඒත් කිට් ඩබල්, මැන්ගෝ ෆ්‍රෙන්ඩ්, මයි 10, වගේ සේවාවන් භාවිතා කරල ගන්න වාසිය මේකෙන් ගන්න බෑ. ෆීඩම්, උපහාර, ඩයලොග් 1000 මිනිත්තු නොමිලේ වගේ දීමනාවක්වත් තාම නෑ. අනික ‍ටිගෝලගෙත් ඇමතුම් ගාස්තු මීට අඩුයි.
    මෙවැනි තත්වයක් තුලයි අපේ අය ‍මේකට සෙච්චරම පොරකන්නෙ. අනික මෙයාලගේ සේවාවෙ ගුනාත්මක භාවය, අන්තර්ජාල වේගය ගැනත් කිසිම දෙයක් තාම කිසිකෙනෙක් දන්නෙ නෑනෙ.

  414. Yes.. Uputa, We will check the Dialog Per Second Blaster with Airtel. Sri Lanka has about 14 million phones both landline and mobile. Dialog has about 5 million to 4 million of these. So if you take at least 25% of your call to Dialog say average 300 minutes per month and 600 minutes to other lines let us see the situation.

    Airtel Rs. 2.5 x 900 = Rs 2250 / =

    Dialog Rs. 300 + 3 x 600 = Rs. 2,100/=

    But Mobitel does not have an answer to this. So Mobitel, Tigo and Hutch will suffer most if they do not adjust asap.

  415. hi airtel.i am phone is waiting for you.give a good number for me.I want an Airtel sim card please contact me: 0771809354

  416. Hi Harin, Good comparison. But what about my 10 ? almost at least 5 minutes a day should be to the 5 landlines which you could get at Rs. 1 per minute.

    It would be

    Airtel Rs. 2.5 x 900 = Rs. 2,250/=

    Dialog Rs. 300 + 3 x 450 + 1 x 150 = Rs. 1,900/=

    Of course Mobitel, Tigo and Hutch have a lot of thinking to do.


    Hi Harin, Good comparison. But what about my 10 ? almost at least 5 minutes a day should be to the 5 landlines which you could get at Rs. 1 per minute.

    It would be

    Airtel Rs. 2.5 x 900 = Rs. 2,250/=

    Dialog Rs. 300 + 3 x 450 + 1 x 150 = Rs. 1,800/=

    Of course Mobitel, Tigo and Hutch have a lot of thinking to do.

  418. Iwould like to join with your company.Now I’am working for a International School as a Internal Auditor. If you have any vacancy for me , Please contact me on my email address.

    Thanks, Best Regards.

  419. edda ubalata rates tikak dunna totally outgoing free….

    Ubala okkoma nikan higanno wage balan hitiya free calls ganna….

    den ithin uda balagena hitapalla Sri Lankan buggers

  420. @Erantha/Harin,

    You Forgot Mobitel who started the Revolution…

    Number One – Launch of SMART FREEDOM (July 2008)
    Where they gave 120 M2M voice + 80 Video minutes just for Rs.50

    This was the start of ‘FREE’ Outgoing

    Then Came Hutch 12
    Dialog Life time Discount – Both these offers didn’t get popularized as Freedom

    Then Mobitel Came up with another Yoker…

    Number Two – ‘UPAHARA’
    Where they gave 1000 minutes to Mobitel + All Fixed Line numbers just for Rs.240. You can call 2.5millions of Mobitel base + 4millions or more Fixed lines.

    Then only Dialog reacted with Blaster giving just D2D 1000 minutes

    Therefore you should accept one thing.

    Mobitel Always gave innovative tariff plans before any other player.
    Simple example is their SMART 5 Launch just 3 years back where they reduced call prices to Rs.5 when all others have Rs.11-13

    After that they came up with Incoming Free as well.

    Recently they started Free Outgoing (or Outgoing rates below 20-40 cents)

    Now what the hell Airtel doing here with Rs.2 rate…?
    One is they try to re-invent SMART 5 as Airtel 2. Direct copy cat.
    Other things is why we move to Rs.2 rate when we have calls below 50 cents.
    Why should we go for less coverage, less capacity and poor quality…?

    Airtel, you are simply ‘HulanTel’…

    Just Go to Hell…

  421. Apoo airtel mal kadanna Hodama ne.. apita hodai charges valid march wenakamlu then mun mona pissuwakk nataida danne ne..mun maha boru karayo.. Bt war 1 iwara wela sat walin coverage dunnoth nam wede goda totaly free wei….ape den prarthtane war 1 ikmanata iwara wenna…..

  422. Hi people,I told all about this from my former comments.But many people here didn’t concern them.Now see their call charges.They will remain only till march 31st.Then they will charge more.I am telling you to buy their sims for free and use its benefits and.throw it after 31.thats the way we should treat this Indian shit.

  423. addadda thambii.

    Indian karayo witharai den mage support ekata inne.

    ubala unge SIM aragenna oona.

    Nathnam mama anathai

  424. All r fcukers Airtel will be da best in Srilanka I wish all da best

  425. Will be ? thank god

  426. I want a job in Airtel

  427. @Nirmal, @Saliya

    I totally agree with you.
    Mobitel make the mobile revolution in Sri LAnka.

    Airtel is an Indian company. As Sri lanken why we should pay Rs2 for indian company?
    As Sri Lankens we have to buy our things…
    Airtel cant fight with Mobitel..
    Mobitel will be a true 100% Sri Lanken company near future,,,,

    So we wish loss of Airtel and The good future for Mobitel….

    Come On MOBITEL….We like You…

    Airtel go to hell with your customers… bloody indians…

  428. I Would Like To Work With Airtel Customer Care Call Center. I Sent My Biodata By Fax And Mail To Airtel HR Manager.
    Dear Sir.. Im Waiting For You! Please Call Me..
    Contact : 0332269502

    Address :
    A.M.A.Dilruk Lasantha,
    Kahatagaha Watta,

  429. Ado Lasantha Buuruwaaa,,,,
    hambei thota job1k….
    ado ubata mole kaladak wath nedda meee harako?

    Airtel ekata P-ka dennepa.. Higannek wennepa…
    Lankikayek weyan…

    Airtel Lost with Lasantha…

  430. ම මේ ලියන්න ආවෙ AirTel ගාස්තු ගැන නම් නෙවෙයි. මේ සමාගමේ නොසැලකිලිමත් කම ගැන කතාවක්. මාත් AirTel නොගත්තට විස්තර ටිකක් බලන්න මේ ගොල්ලන්ගෙ වෙබ් අඩවියට ගියා. ඒකෙ සේවා මධ්‍යස්ථාන ලැයිස්තුවෙ රත්නපුර සේවා මධ්‍යස්ථානයෙ ලිපිනය දැක්කම තමයි මට බය හිතුනෙ AirTel ලංකාවෙ සිතියමත් වෙනස් කරයිද කියලා. මොකද ඒක තියෙන්නෙ ගාල්ලෙලු. මේ අයගෙ විස්තර පත්‍රිකා වලත් මේ වගේ දෝෂ ගොඩක් මම දැක්කා.
    මට නම් හිතෙන විදිහට මේ වගේ දේවල් සුළු අතපසුවීම් කියල අතඅරින්න බෑ මේක මහා පරිමාණ සමාගමක් නිසා. මේ වගේ සුළු දෙයක් ගැනවත් සැලකිල්ලක් නොදක්වන සමාගමකින් ගුණාත්මක සේවාවක් මම නම් කොහෙත්ම බලාපොරොත්තු වෙන්නෙ නෑ.
    Mobitel Mata Hodai;;;;\
    Mobitel is the Best…

  431. i would like to work with customer care call center.
    i can send my bio data to you by mail. Dear sir i am waiting for your reply.

  432. I think airtel going get best place

  433. See this…

    Airtel, Please Stop Fooling Sri Lankans with your bollywood crap

  434. Please don’t be fooled by the low rates alone. Connectivity, coverage, values added services along with customer service are equally important. Don’t be fooled by the initial euphoria being created as it may only be a balloon with a lot of hot air. Dialog, Tigo and Mobitel have evolved over time and reads the Lankan’s requirements well and it will be tough for Airtel to compete with them on the long run.

  435. ‘Lankawe apata nam ithin Dialog thamai’

  436. Good Luck!!! Air Tel!!
    we wel come to srilanka!!we love of Airtel music very much!!!
    we hope Airtel will be a nice telecommunication in srilanka!!!
    we wish you all the best

  437. i want airtal sim in postal.i want apply in online

  438. “Entire Country One MOBITEL Family”

  439. Reading most of the comments above I cannot get rid of the feeling that we Sri Lankans have come to believe that anything bought from a foreign land is better than what we already have.Why have we become so slavish as a Nation? Why cannot we appreciate anything national and feel proud about being Sri Lankan?

  440. All mobile phones are bought from foreign lands, as is all the equipment that makes possible blog posts. This blog for sure sits on a foreign owned site. Unlikely that the computer used by Lalindra to make the comment was made in Sri Lanka.

    For the sake of consistency, these xenophobes should shift their discussion to the puskola medium, boycotting these foreign technologies?

  441. Dear Sir ,

    I got airtel sim but i need calling charges ?
    please send me the rates ?


  442. Hey we wanna gud couple package from Airtel
    we kept hopes in Airtel but its Not happen what we were thought
    so lets forget about post paid
    now we are keeping hopes for gud couple package from Airtel


  443. Ado Farzan,,,
    balan hitapan mottaya…

  444. I wish Airtel would introduce iphone to Sri lanka

    I am keeping the free SIM until this is introduced

  445. ehenan donald, ubata kaalaantharayak balaa inna wei
    aneh moooda petiyo, gihin maalu allapan wena wedak neththan

  446. We Have No Airtel Network Coverage..
    Airtel !
    Coming Soon…

    Location : Kiriwaana
    (Gampaha District)

  447. We Want Airtel Network Coverage..
    Airtel !
    Coming Soon…

    Location : Radawana
    (Gampaha District)

  448. waren ape gedara mam ubata tower 2kma daaala dennam…

    Roshan, Dilruk ubala maha meeeeharak jaathiyak…
    lankaawe dewal ganin harako…
    Airtel epaa….

  449. ciao air tel,
    I wan’t to know about ur packages.

  450. Long time ago i wrote on this blog and seems my every prediction come true.
    Nothing more to say.
    Be Sri lankan Buy Sri lankan

  451. @ Nirmal
    U 100% correct Nirmal

  452. Airtel,

    I am waiting until you INCREASE the call rates to Rs 2.50 by 31st March. Please increase it, so that our fools will understand the taste of your shit.


  453. Awiting the connection of Airtel . Can we bee the dealer in KAndy

  454. Onna Mobitel charges adukalaaaa

    Mobitel is the best.
    Mobitel Rocks..
    Mobitel is the no1 mobile operator in Sri Lanka….


  455. Outgoing Voice & Video Calls 24 Hours of the day (per minute) 1st Year After
    1st Year After
    2nd Year
    To M Best Friend Mobitel Number** Rs. 1
    To Mobitel Numbers Rs. 2 Rs. 1.80 Rs. 1.60
    To Any other Local Number Rs. 2.50 Rs. 2.25 Rs. 2

    hooooooooooooooooooooo Airtel lost…

    Mobitel Rocks…

  456. Latest SMART Package from Mobitel – Dial #111# for FREE Activation

    Mobitel – Your Trusted National Mobile Service Provider has dropped the SMART prepaid tariff from 16th February onwards.

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    Mobitel – We Care. Always

  457. Any body who satisfied by airtel service?????
    How many sri lankan’s got jobs?
    But i know many lost jobs due to bad competition and kill the Telecommunication market in Sri Lanka. TRC and related people like Rohan Samarjeewa… must be responsible too.

  458. your customer service is very badly for galle branch(karapitiya)my airtel no. is 0757356368,sim is internal damege,but is 300/- rupees for chagers for new sim issued said.I’m sad for your service.I’m change the other network,my new no.0775111115,Thank you,

  459. I love You Airtel…………….
    My Life Airtel……….

  460. My New Namber 0718955152

  461. airtel is a fucking company,
    they don’t have a plan & a good customer care service
    mobitel is the best.,,,,,,

  462. Airtel to buy Tigo!!!

  463. hoo hooo…Airel has shown agaian their incapabilities…..

    promised to start operations in 2006 , launched on 2009
    Promised to buy MTN , not done
    Promised to buy Tigo, not done

    It is the time to pack the bags and go…!