Sri Lanka: Emperor’s new CDMA laws

Posted on September 7, 2008  /  1 Comments

Even Udurawana, the local version of the legendary not-so-bright Sardarji, will not let it go without having a hearty laugh at the expense of new CDMA laws of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC).

Imposed few weeks back, they specify CDMA phones can be used only at the address it is issued to. (CDMA technology is used in Sri Lanka for fixed wireless and not mobile)

How on earth a CDMA phone can be restricted to one address, asks Udurawana, when you sometimes even have to climb to your neighbour’s wall to receive signals.

We hope the Sri Lanka rural users who have faced similar problems would readily empathise. (We hear once the mother-in-law of a former Director General of TRC too had to take her phone to a particular spot at a paddy field to catch signals)

Mr. Priyantha Kariyapperuma may want to respond to Udurawana. Thanks in advance for CCing LIRNEasia.

1 Comment

  1. Lirneasia,

    Are you trying to say that Director the General of TRC has a smaller brain than Udurawana?