Why Indonesian telecom experts feel their regulatory environment so miserable?

Posted on September 24, 2008  /  2 Comments

Results for Indonesia in LIRNEasia’s Telecom Regulatory Environment survey show an interesting trend. Unlike their counterparts in other countries (Bangladesh, India, Maldives Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand) Indonesia telecom experts have given marks so low for different aspects of their regulatory environment that none of the categories, in any three sectors, meet the average of 3. (The options were from 1 to 5, 1=extremely unsatisfied, 5=excellent service) The one comes nearest is the score for Market Entry in the mobile sector (there are nine players in the market – eight national, one regional) but that too miss the average by 0.05 points.

The results do not show a change from the previous (2006) scores. The score for the fixed sector remains same as it was in 2006, while the score for the mobile sector has dropped from one decimal point. So whatever the reason, it is a continuing trend.

We guess our readers are curious. Not that we have all the answers, but some of your doubts will be solved in the Colloquium scheduled for tomorrow (Sept 25) at 10.00 hours Sri Lanka/India time. (0430 hrs GMT) Alternatively, you can tell us why. We are interested to listen.

There will be an online Skype session. If you want to join please let us know asap to wattegema[at]lirne[dot]net. Presentation slides (draft version) too will be shared with anyone interested.


  1. There must have been some thinking behind adding QoS to the TRE. Would someone care to explain? Does QoS typically come within the ambit of NRAs?

  2. Yes. We responded to a specific suggestion by TRAI.