Lalith Weeratunga elected to Chair, ICT Committee, UN-ESCAP

Posted on November 24, 2008  /  4 Comments

Lalith Weeratunga at LIRNEasia launch in Sept 2004

Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka, was recently elected to the chair of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Committee of ESCAP – the Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Speaking to Sandeshaya Weeratunga said that “during the past three years computer literacy in the country has increased from 5 per cent to over 20 per cent”

He elaborated that the ‘e-Sri Lanka’ initiative has enabled people to obtain authenticated copies of Death, Marriage and Birth Certificates – essential documents within a few minutes.

Responding to a question that some rural tele centers have been dysfunctional Weeratunga said there are about 600 Telecenters and it’s not unusual for a few to fall behind.

“However we will relocate them if necessary”, he said.

Commenting on the Sri Lankan expertise of the diasporas, Weeratunga said that there are those who want to help but in actual fact most of them are really in search of jobs.

“We cant pay them the salaries they expect but if anyone wants to genuinely help they could log in to the ICTA web site (” said Weeratunga.



  1. Congratulations Lalith for the new appointment as the chair of ICT committee at UN- ESCAP.

    Now the time is ripe for you to meet me and see my presentation. I have requested several appointments to meet you but I never got it. You will need time to sit with me in front of a computer which is connected to internet to understand the local language issue. OR a computer connected to multimedia projector so that many people could see it.

    Donald Gaminitillake
    I set the Standard

  2. Doanld Gaminitillake

    Lalith Please see this image
    Help to save our Language Sinhala

    Donald Gaminitillake
    I set the standard

  3. Donald,

    You don’t understand that the ICTA has all powers to change anything under the sun for their survival. Killing language and culture are their first priorities

  4. Then we will have to ask Lalith to request Maj Gen Sarath F to send another team to Kirimandala mawatha to save our language Sinhala!!!!!

    Donald Gaminitillake
    I set the standard