Sri Lanka: Bharti Airtel – Coming soon?

Posted on December 15, 2008  /  47 Comments

The question most who phoned our office last week asked was: When Bharti Airtel will start its Sri Lanka operations? We have no clue why they assumed LIRNEasia is linked to the Indian telco that plans to launch its operation in Sri Lanka shortly. So our polite answer was: Sorry, we do not know and we do not have Bharti Airtel phone number.

The website too was not much of help. It like a massive bill board in front of a cinema hall, just says ‘Coming Soon’. Please do not mistake the guy in the middle to be Santa. You might not see him anytime within the festive reason. Looks like Bharti Airtel’s initial plans to start its operations in December is not going to materialise.

If someone knows better, please update us. We’re all ears!


  1. Jayathilaka B.A.P.D.

    I request to launch the sims soon as possible.

  2. I want to know when u launch & your facilities.

  3. are u launch 18th december suarly?

  4. @Suranga, did u mean 18th December 2009….???

  5. Dear Moderator,

    By looking at this blog post, which i can observe is that, there are some people who wants to make this topic always active by putting up nonsense posts just saying ‘Welcome Airtel, We are waiting for you’, ‘I love you Airtel’, ‘My ass is always with you, airtel’, ‘Airtel, you are my life’…etc etc. What does this mean?

    I can clearly say one thing, LIRNEASIA is giving free publicity to a cellular company who hasn’t even launch yet, while there are so many valuable players in the market.

    This is the first post
    “Bharti Airtel hopes to enter Sri Lankan telecom market this year”

    There is one more topic;
    “Bharti Airtel to launch Sri Lanka operations in December 2008″

    Another one;
    “Sri Lanka: Bharti Airtel – Coming soon?”

    All these three topics are really really active…
    But non of them are info-rich. They all just bullshit, with some idiotic wishes & complements.

    Next thing is, we are at the end of 2008, end of December. But we don’t see any sign of ‘Airtel’ launch in Sri Lanka. So, what’s the meaning of this topic? Does this topic valid after this year. You can keep this topic forever, if you want to keep alive the shitting memories ‘Airtel’ launch in Srilanka. It just refreshes the inefficiency of an unsuccessful investment.

    I can see one CSR activity by keeping this topic further open. That is you are providing a solution to ‘Unemployment’ in Srilanka. I don’t know, how many Srilankans found jobs via this post, which is truely amazing. Keep it up LIRNEASIA. You are doing a great job.

    My recommendation:

  6. no ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. I want to know, when you are going release the sims………………………………………
    We thought it will be released in the year 2K9………

  8. This is not a official Release But I Heared That They Will Launch On 6ht or 10th.

    (Yesterday is saw The Negombo Branch Door Is Half Opened And Some People Are Moving Thing Here And There,

    And Airtel Has Provided Their Dealer Boards To The Shops)

    Any How As I Know They Are Now Preparing To Launch Soon As Possible And They Are Checking Their Towers or May Be They Have Finished IT.

    Surely I Can Say That Their Launch Will Be On Before March.

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  11. When broad band will be Launch? is it 3G?

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  28. I first of all thank Lirnasia for having created this forum. But, it makes me so sad by reading what the majority of visitors to the site have posted. I have seen so many times in other forums too that these Sri Lankan guys grossly neglect the rules and norms of a forum and just go wild with their fantasies like. I am afraid they even don’t read the other posts of the forum. These poor souls must not be allowed to post actually.

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