Teleuse@BOP qualitative results showcased in Times of India

Posted on July 13, 2009  /  1 Comments

As the media dissemination phase of the teleuse@BOP 3 study draws to a close, we were pleased to see the qualitative results showcased in a long article in the Times of India, perhaps one of the most prestigious among the high-quality media of India.

Rural and low-income consumer segments are attracting immense interest as they are expected to contribute to the next wave of growth in India, particularly for telecom products and services.

Many industry experts believe that the next billion telecom subscribers will come from the BOP. Telecom adoption at the BOP highlights the role of telecom in enhancing household income and transforming personal identity by increasing accessibility and hence, credibility. Telecom adoption is also seen to impact their social and professional network
coordination by strengthening family ties and increasing business coordination by overcoming challenges posed by location and context.

“If we are to have an inclusive society, it is imperative that the poor are connected to electronic networks. How can that happen unless companies deliver services that meet their needs? What LiRNEasia does with this survey is bridge that gap”, says Rohan Samarajiva, chairman & CEO, LIRNasia.

“The complex and different nature of demand for telecom services among households making less than two dollars a day is illuminated by the teleuse@BOP research, enabling companies to develop appropriate products and governments to implement appropriate policies”, Samarajiva explains. Missed calls are used by a high 84% of the sample to minimize communication expenditures.

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