When FM Radio meets the Mobile Phone in Pakistan

Posted on August 21, 2009  /  0 Comments

LIRNEasia’s T@BOP3 research findings on ownership levels of mobile phones versus radios at the BOP have been cited in both MobileActive.org and MediaShift Idea Lab. Seemingly surprising findings reveal that in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, more people own mobile phones than radios. Read the two articles here and here.

MediaShift Idea Lab, 19 Aug 2009:

In the United States, high-end smartphones like the iPhone and BlackBerry don’t have built-in radios. But in Pakistan, even the cheapest cell phones, which don’t have cameras or other features, come with the ability to listen to FM radio…the evolving relationship between mobiles and radios was one of the subjects of a recent report by LIRNEasia, a think tank that studies ICT policy across the Asia Pacific. The most surprising finding was that in three of the countries studied — Bangladesh, India and Pakistan — more people own mobile phones than radios, says Ayesha Zainudeen, research manager at LIRNEasia.

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