m-Health real-time biosurveillance at e-Asia2009

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The health departments and health workers involved in the Real-Time Biosruveillance Program (RTBP) pilot see the benefits in the m­-HealthSurvey for real­-time data collection, T­Cube Web Interface for near­-real­-time outbreak detection, and Sahana Alerting Module for real­-time health risk information dissemination. Preliminary lessons to date indicate the need for more robust mobile application for data collection with complete standardized content in disease­-syndrome for reduction of noise and increase of reliability in the datasets. More rigorous capacity building and frequent use is required for health officials to take advantage of the full potential of TCWI. Further exercises need to be carried out with the Sahana Alerting Module to understand its shortcomings. Given that the system has been in preliminary use for less than six months, it is anticipated that the usability issues will subside in time to come.

These concluding remarks are from the paper titled- “Real-TIme Biosurveillance Pilot in India and Sri Lanka“, which I shall be presenting at the e-Asia 2009 Conference to be held December 02 – 04, 2009 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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