LIRNEasia@5 coverage and pictures in Sunday Leader

Posted on December 20, 2009  /  0 Comments

The live blogging at the LIRNEasia@5 conference has yielded MSM coverage in the Sunday Leader’s Kottu supplement. There is also a story on the live blogging itself.

The conference was mainly about ICT policy research. But this meant that a myriad of subjects were discussed from various angles. There was politics, economics, business and marketing. On a more micro level individual research findings and intricacies of ICT markets and future potential for mobile technology were discussed in detail. There was an overall focus on freeing up the market and making technology more accessible to the masses, the theory being that this will be a boost to development.

Some of the speakers’ idea of a presentation was simply Powerpoint slides packed with data accompanied by a speech in a monotone, sometimes directly read off a screen. But on an overall basis there were some interesting speakers and most of them accounted for my blog posts during the conference which can be found here.

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