Expert Forum Meeting on ‘Mobile 2.0 Applications and Conditions’ in Pakistan

Posted on March 5, 2010  /  5 Comments

An Expert Forum Meeting on ‘Mobile 2.0 Applications and Conditions’ is to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 26-27, 2010. This meeting is co‐hosted by LIRNEasia and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Objectives: To share LIRNEasia’s Mobile 2.0 (i.e., the second wave of mobile use –beyond voice applications) research results among regulators, operators, policy makers and researchers of SAARC and ASEAN countries to: obtain feedback from key stakeholders on improving the research outputs, create a dialogue on policy and regulatory processes affecting Mobile 2.0 and explore replication opportunities for good practices

Click here for the draft agenda.

Mobile 2.0 is a term used to describe the use of mobiles for “more-than-voice”. Mobiles are increasingly becoming payment devices which can also send/process/receive voice, text and images; it is envisaged that in the next few years, they will also be capable of information-retrieval and publishing functions, normally associated with the internet.

The Mobile 2.0 @ BOP project consists of thirteen studies, researched in terms of ‘horizontal’ issues and ‘vertical’ aspects.  The horizontal studies explores the basic competitive and regulatory conditions that affect the emergence of Mobile 2.0@BOP. The vertical studies  explores  and explain how a particular aspect such as in-depth micro-payments and remittances, agriculture applications, voting applications, e-government services etc is taking shape and form among countries in the developing world.

For more information on the Mobile 2.0 project, click here.


  1. Dear Sir,

    I read the draft report on freedom of expression in Dissimmination of Mobile 2.0. Great work by the author in researching the social and economic barriers in a country like Pakistan. I would love to see how it would be possible to overcome the religious and other difficulties conditions that present their own challenges in developing countries. When do you expect the final report to be posted?
    I reserve my final comments and questions until the final report is posted. Will there be a presentation by the author in the Expert Forum Meeting on ‘Mobile 2.0 Applications and Conditions’ to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 26-27, 2010? Please let me know.

    Please contact me in the United States at the below email address or phone number:

    Mike Malik
    Office: (504) 463-2984
    Cell: (504) 451-0707

    1. @Mike Malik,

      Thanks for the comment. You will see the final report uploaded now.

      The paper was not finalised at the time we planned the agenda for the Expert forum Meeting. Hence it was not included. We are yet to decide whether we will present it in Islamabad or anywhere else.

  2. Dear Mr. Wattegama,

    I do appreciate a quick response and fast action to post the final report. I am in the process of reviewing it. To say the least, it is very interesting to learn about various aspects that are at the heart of difficulties and challenges that are hindrance in the future development of a country like Pakistan. It is important to note that her own people are standing in the way of her future development. The political climate, religious factors and other aspects stated in the article are items of interest. Main reason I wanted to know if this paper is being presented in the Forum in Islamabad, was to see how the leadership of that country plans to address any of the underlying issues. My past experience is that, in many cases, basic planning and future plan of action for solving major issues is nonexistent in a country that is considered to be a major US ally in the war of terrorism. The forum date is still more than a month away. I am sure the agenda has been prepared in advance. I do not want to influence the leadership and the board of directors in any way, however, if this paper cannot be presented to the leadership of Pakistan, what chance will it have that any of the underlying issues, addressed in this paper, will even be considered in the future planning, if any? My interest in this paper stems from the desire to understand possible impediments that would impact any foreign organization to do business in Pakistan. I am sure any decision you take regarding the inclusion of this paper in the upcoming forum presentations will be in the light of factors that may not be obvious to an outsider like me.

    My final comment is not directly germane to this paper. I must recognize that I was very impressed with the impressive credentials and experience that your organization has. Starting from highly accomplished leadership of Mr. Rohan, along with all of the members of the board of directors, I am thoroughly impressed with the talent this organization has put together. Lastly, my hats off to you folks for the work you are doing. Thank you.

    Mike Malik
    Office (504) 463-2984
    Entergy Services Inc.

  3. I was overwhelmed and impressed by reading such an indepth analysis and reserach about Mobile 2.0 and Freedom of expression in Pakistan.
    This is an entirely new topic te be researched in the field of media in Pakistan.This is indeed a new and vogue topic .The writer while touching this conterverisal issue has very subtly touched all the sensitive areas pertaing to mobile and media industry at the same time.I personally feel as an acdemic and a student of Mass Media residing in Australia that this subject is pertinet to the rapid changes occuring in the field of telecome and media. This research has come in an apt time where pakistan is struggling with War and this paper will definately serve as a guideline while drafting new mobile laws in the country.
    Good Work …looking forward to hear more on this issue.

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