SEA-ME-WE4 is down! So what!!

Posted on April 20, 2010  /  2 Comments

The SEA-ME-WE4 undersea cable has been down since April 14. It has been affecting Internet across the Middle East. Seawater has reportedly penetrated in the cable, according to press reports. But the SEA-ME-WE4 consortium’s website says absolutely nothing about it. As if nothing has happened at all. It reminds the good(?) old days of PSTN, when the almighty state-owned incumbents never bothered acknowledging, let along restoring, the service disruptions. Interestingly all the 16 members, except India, of SEA-ME-WE4 consortium are the state-owned incumbents and monopolies. Does it ring any bell?


  1. I was astounded to find out that there is very little coverage of this massive outage in the media. I am from Bangladesh, and BSCCL site is the same as SEA-ME’s… business as usual. I have a feeling they don’t have maintainers for their websites. Cheap bastards.