Sri Lanka: Have the policy makers changed the way they think?

Posted on June 30, 2010  /  1 Comments

When we talk about taking research to policy, we say that it is better to change the way policy makers think than change policy.

One of our big wins was the inclusion of sustainable dam safety measures in a USD 71 million World Bank credit to the Government of Sri Lanka.

Now we read this in the 2010 first budget speech:

Hon. Speaker while expanding irrigation infrastructure, we must also devote adequate resources for the maintenance of both minor and major irrigation systems to ensure their safety and improve water management in downstream development. The government has already implemented a programme to improve dam safety in all major irrigation projects and increase water reservoir capacity. Investment in this project alone is over Rs. 6,000 million. In the meantime, a separate project targeting Rs. 3,000 million over the next five years will be implemented from 2011 to rehabilitate all irrigation schemes as a major step towards water resource management.

Has the way they think changed?

1 Comment