Bangladesh advances in e gov rankings in S Asia. Sri Lanka drops 10 places & is overtaken by Iran

Posted on August 2, 2010  /  3 Comments

I was impressed when the ICT Agency made a presentation at a recent conference, that included a detailed response to concerns that Sri Lanka was dropping in international rankings in the ICT space. The presentation included action items that would address weak points and would thus result in improved rankings.

e government was central to the design of e Sri Lanka and is perhaps the program area that has absorbed most of the USD 83 million funds. Therefore, the UN e gov rankings are very important. Sadly, the 2010 rankings indicate that Sri Lanka’s position has deteriorated in relative and absolute terms. It has dropped from 101st place in 2009 to 111th. The Index value has dropped from 0.4244 in 2009 to 0.3995. Iran, which was behind Sri Lanka in 2009 has now overtaken Sri Lanka. In addition to Iran, the only country that seems to have made progress is Bangladesh. Neither country has a USD 83 million project dedicated to improving e performance.

Appears I was impressed too soon.


  1. Thank you for pointing us to the very informative paper, 2010 rankings.
    Even though not directly related the main subject, I am not surprised that Sri Lanka is falling behind. About a few months ago, I emailed the webmaster of GOV.LK, informing that DNS records should be modified to add or include an alias “GOV.LK” our country website, http://WWW.GOV.LK.
    I have not received any response nor the DNS records are fixed. You still go to the neverland, if you type http://GOV.LK. I think big marches starts with small steps.

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