Crowdsourced broadband QoS, with value added

Posted on March 24, 2011  /  0 Comments

We thought up the idea of crowdsourcing broadband QoSE, but could not make it work because the AT Tester was too complicated. In the US, they came with the idea two years later but made it work. Now someone has added value to that product.

Given many governments in the region (e.g., Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka) are emphasizing broadband, perhaps this will give them some ideas:

The folks at, which offers wholesale voice services to many application providers, launched a website Monday with a broadband map that will offer people insights about the quality of service, the speeds of service and the price others have paid for broadband available in their area. The map borrows from the National Broadband Map – launched last month by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration — in the form of an API call that takes some of the data shown on the federally funded map, but it also adds true crowdsourcing and machine learning to deliver a greater variety of information.

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