2011 Telecom Policy and Regulatory Environment (TRE) survey results released in Dhaka

Posted on May 18, 2011  /  3 Comments

The results of the newest TRE survey conducted by LIRNEasia are out. We started the survey since before the start of LIRNEasia and have improved it since.

The results were released in Dhaka, Bangladesh, at a well attended media event on 12 May 2011. The centerpiece was the sector performance report on Bangladesh by Faheem Hussain, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong and Research Fellow at LIRNEasia. The Bangladesh results were placed in context by Helani Galpaya, COO of LIRNEasia. The following report was carried in the Daily Star, one of Bangladesh’s leading English dailies, on 13 May 2011.

Bangladesh has ranked sixth among seven South and Southeast Asian countries in a survey on regulatory and policy environment in the telecoms sector, due to uncertainties over polices and laws and other recent developments.

Bangladesh trailed Pakistan, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and fared better than Indonesia, according to the survey conducted by LIRNEasia.

From previous experience we expected that the league table aspect is what would draw media attention.

However, the diagnostic value of the survey is best appreciated by looking at the components. Why does Bangladesh have very poor scores on universal service obligations compared to interconnection? I was surprised by the latter since Bangladesh was the country that had no interconnection for the longest time and the remedy they came up with was unique, compelling all operators to go through a central interconnection exchange.

Was it that the situation prior was so bad that the score was high, or was it that the new solution has something to offer to the world?

That is the research question. But if I was the BTRC or the Ministry, I would pay more attention to the low scores on universal service. There is obviously a problem. What can be done?

Click here to download the full presentation from the event.


  1. Rohan Samarajiva

    BMI, a proprietary outfit, has mentioned our TRE results, saying that Sri Lanka was below Bangladesh according to their (subjective) ranking and that Indonesia was equal to Bangladesh. It would be interesting to see the reactions of the country researchers. Unlikely the SLTRC will respond, but it would fascinating to see the explanations of the three countries fighting for the bottom spot!

  2. To Rohan Bhai
    Can you provide the full research report in any way?
    I need that.
    I want to do some more…

    Abdullah Mamun
    Sr. Reporter
    The Daily Star

    1. @ Mamun: Sometimes it’s also effective to look into the “local” sources ;-)! I am still working on finalizing the TRE report on Bangladesh.. so if you want to do more on it or have any other questions, please feel free to send those on my way..