International Internet Union (IIU), not!

Posted on May 25, 2011  /  2 Comments

Sarkozy is unpopular. So what does he do, hoping to distract his voters’ attention away from important issues? Try to set up IIU, as though the ITU was not enough. Why does he bother bombing Qaddafi? This puts him in the same camp.

And while there had been speculation before the E-G8 Forum that Mr. Sarkozy might call for the creation of a new international body to oversee the Internet, this idea was apparently rejected.

Eric E. Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, said technology, rather than regulation, could take care of many of the challenges facing the Internet, including potential limits on capacity as more and more video traffic and other bandwidth-heavy content passes through telecommunications networks.

“Before we decide there is a regulatory solution, let’s ask if there’s a technological solution,” he said. “We will move faster than any of these governments, let alone all of them together.”

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  1. Sarkozy is scared of Wikileaks. If PFC Bradley Manning were a Chinese soldier, the western governments would have idolized him. The Western powers customize the definition of civil liberty at own convenience. That’s why their foreign offices speak differently while addressing the uprising in Syria and Bahrain. G-8 is an unelected body like the supreme council in Iran or the clans from Sicily. Therefore, it also lacks legitimacy. The term “international community” is misleading.

  2. Now the Vodafone CEO is backing Sarco.