Why is this info not available on SLTRC website?

Posted on May 25, 2011  /  1 Comments

One has to look to the business media for key broadband indicators in Sri Lanka. When one looks at the authoritative source, one does not see basic information such as how many fixed broadband connections have been given out, but nonsense such as “Internet and Email Subscribers.” What will it take for the TRC to report information based on the ITU’s definitions?

Sri Lanka had 574,000 broadband customers by end December 2010, including 294,000 mobile broadband users.

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the country’s only wireline operator has been pushing ADSL (assymetrical digital subscriber line) aggressively since last year notching up 213,000 customers by end December.

Fitch said it was equal to 24 percent of the firm’s wireline base. Malaysia’s UT group is now the effective managing shareholders, being the second largest shareholder after the state in SLT.

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  1. With a bit more careful look you will find the source for “business media” is nothing but the December 2010 provisions statistics of the “authoritative source”. The “business media” has just copied the number of “Internet and Email Subscribers” from the “authoritative source” and rebranded it “number of fixed broadband connections”, ignoring the dial-ups.