90% of Bangladesh Internet use is through mobiles

Posted on April 11, 2012  /  1 Comments

Interesting piece on value added services in Bangladesh in Daily Star:

VAS helps operators go beyond typical voice services to earn more revenue. According to Grameenphone’s annual report, 6 percent of the company’s total revenue comes from the internet service.

In Bangladesh, value-added services were basically introduced by the short message service (SMS). But nowadays, VAS has spread and people can even get emergency help from the telecom operators. One can talk to doctors for help or to agriculturalists for advice on farming.

About 90 percent of total internet use in the country is through the mobile network, according to government data.

If 90% of Internet use is over mobile platforms, why does the government seem so hostile to mobile?

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  1. Currently the regulator is consulting a VAS Guideline.