ICT for Development Working Paper series features LIRNEasia and CPRsouth papers

Posted on July 6, 2012  /  2 Comments

An unexpected benefit of our visit to Islamabad was learning that a new academic publication had been launched in December 2011 by the Bangladesh Institute for ICT in Development and the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. The working papers are listed below:

* Bottom of the Pyramid Expenditure Patterns on Mobile Phone Services in Selected Emerging Asian Countries by Aileen Agüero and Harsha de Silva
* Mobile banking: Overview of Regulatory Framework in Emerging Markets by Rasheda Sultana
* Factors Affecting e-Government Assimilation in Developing Countries by Boni Pudjianto and Zo Hangjung
* Inclusive Development through e-Governance: Political Economy of e-Government Projects in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala in India by Rajendra Kumar
* New Media, Knowledge Acquisition and Participatory Governance in Rural Bangladesh by Jude William Genilo and Marium Akther
* e-Krishok: A Campaign to Promote Agricultural Information and Services through ICT by Shahid Uddin Akbar, Parvez Mohd. Asheque, Shariful Islam

Four out of six of the papers came from LIRNEasia/CPRsouth. The first is authored by Aileen Aguero (of DIRSI, worked up during her time at LIRNEasia) and Consultant Lead Economist Harsha de Silva. The second, third and fourth papers are from CPRsouth4. Indeed the first paper is based on a paper given by Aguero at CPRsouth4. The heavy representation of CPRsouth is not difficult to explain. Jude Genilo, the editorial advisor was also a paper-giver at CPRsouth4. CPRsouth4 papers are listed here.

So it appears that CPRsouth is catalyzing networks and publication, as intended.

There does not appear to be a web version, unusually for a ICT4D publication. What we can find is a post about it. If it was on the web we wouldn’t have had to wait for seven months to find out.


  1. Do you have the 1st and 2nd publications, so that it could help us send our drafts @ the earliest


  2. I really cannot understand your query. It may be that you believe we are in charge of the Working Paper series. We are not. That is http://www.biid.org.bd/.