Personal computer: dead man walking?

Posted on July 18, 2012  /  0 Comments

We’ve been talking about mobile devices becoming the primary interfaces with the web. But this is an attack from another direction, the cloud:

Much the way Salesforce wasn’t really about ending software (the company writes plenty of software that is up in the cloud, not inside a computer), Pano is not really about the end of chips, or the software needed to run them. Pano counts on chips and software that are in servers elsewhere to do its computing.

But that shift of complex chips could presage a deeper shift in the computer industry, as cloud-based businesses change how information is controlled.

A company in the traditional personal computer business “is like a saguaro cactus that has been shot,” Mr. Kish said. “It can stand for another 20 years without showing it, but it’s dead.”

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