Government and Internet

Posted on September 11, 2012  /  0 Comments

Rohan Samarajiva regularly writes in the Lanka Business Online Choices column. In this weeks’ article by bringing examples of recent Internet hypes (Bill Clinton’s speech on Barack Obama) he talks about  the government, Internet and the control over the content.

Once the governments get involved, there will have to be controlled gateways, like they have in Bangladesh. Will the government charge for its services? You bet it will. If Bangladesh is a guide, it will be a lot. Over 60 percent of the revenues of the termination operators goes directly to government.

There will be rule books and penalties for violation of rules. Quite a contrast from the peering arrangements that govern the Internet today, where it is rare to even find a written contract. There will be illegal bypass. More rules will have to be made to control bypass. More enforcement too.

How will the payments for incoming data be enforced? Agree to our terms or we will block your traffic. So, you can expect a lot of traffic to simply not come through, should the ETNO-ITU proposal get adopted in Dubai.

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