Bangladesh excluded from ITU’s IDI Index?

Posted on October 15, 2012  /  1 Comments

It was just two years ago that Bangladesh was elected to the Council of the International Telecommunication Union. One would think that Bangladesh would be treated with added respect as a result.

However, it appears that it has been excluded from the ITU’s annual compilation of the ICT Development Index for 2012. It is not completely absent, being included in the comparisons of price baskets. But on the main index, it’s absent. This is a great pity because the IDI is one way of assessing whether any progress is being made through the Digital Bangladesh initiative.

1 Comment

  1. ITU publishes the data it receives from the member states. Evidently it has received nothing from Bangladesh, which was elected one of the Council Members of ITU in 2010. It was followed by huge political funfair and the authorities have comfortably forgotten about it thereafter. The proponents of Digital Bangladesh and the country’s telecoms players live in two different worlds. They remain clueless about who’s doing what and never work in tandem.