Another dog-in-the-manger universal service fund

Posted on December 13, 2012  /  0 Comments

The big unspent piles of cash in the Brazilian and Indian universal service funds are well known. Less well known are the under-performing funds in small countries. Nepal is one. Having the money extracted from mostly poor customers in one of the poorest countries in the world, an LDC, is particularly offensive:

While he vowed to break the trend that prevailed so far, Jha also said he has already started groundwork to utilize Rural Telecommunication Development Fund (RTDF) for expanding fiber optics network so that everyone could have access to broadband Internet service and none remain deprived from benefits of advancement in the field of telecommunications.

According to the officials, NTA presently has Rs 5.70 billion in the RTDF. The fund was built through contribution (equal to 2 percent of total annual revenue) of telecom operators and Internet service providers.


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