Intel planning to get on mobile bandwagon

Posted on June 30, 2013  /  0 Comments

We used to talk about the hegemony of Wintel, the ironclad command exercised by Microsoft and Intel. The world changed. Internet came center stage. Mobile became the new thing. People like Jobs figured it out. Intel did not. Now it’s trying to catch up.

Now Intel is not just trying to catch up in mobile but also trying to leapfrog the competition. As Mr. Krzanich put it, Intel’s strategy is: “Embrace this and embrace it fast and actually move quicker and try and go ahead of this.”thing

Transforming Intel into a mobile leader won’t be easy. The company will continue to get the vast bulk of its revenue, which topped $53 billion last year, from PCs and servers. The mobile arena is dominated by other giant companies like Qualcomm and Samsung, which are constantly improving their own chips to make them do more while using less battery power.

But Mr. Krzanich and his No. 2, Renée James, who also ascended to her post in May, said that the Atom chip had now been elevated to the same level of importance as the other lines among the company’s priorities.


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