NY Times talks to Salman Khan

Posted on January 30, 2014  /  0 Comments

Claudia Dreifus of the New York Times has had a casual discussion with Salman Khan of Khan Academy. Few of her questions were:

  • Youtube is a search engine where producers can upload short videos at no cost. Would the Khan Academy have been possible without this technology?
  • Last April, when administrators at San Jose State university wanted to use Harvard’s online version of Professor Michael Sandel’s “Justice” course as the basis of their undergraduate philosophy class, some San Jose State faculty members protested, saying the school was shortchanging students. Were the professors resisting progress?
  • The Washington Post had an article last year saying a viewer had discovered that two of your tutorials were wrong and you’d removed them from your offerings. Have you been growing too quickly, doing too much?

Read this quite interesting conversation.

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