LIRNEasia workshop for Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)

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LIRNEasia staff was invited to conduct a workshop on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in electricity sector at the Research and Development Center, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) on 4th March 2014. The workshop was based on the LIRNEasia research on CRM.

The invitation was extended to LIRNEasia by Mr W. J. L. S. Fernando, General Manager of CEB, following his participation of the LIRNEasia’s dissemination workshop held on the 18th February.

The audience comprised of the Corporate Management team, the Customer Service Excellence Task Force and work group.

The main objectives of the workshop was to gain insight into improving the customer service aspect of CEB and to increase the soft skills of the CEB employees to achieve this.

Mr Fernando, General Manager of CEB, stated that he was “stunned to know what he already knew” of his sector, when he attended the dissemination event on 18 February 2014. Mr Fernando spoke about the need for a paradigm shift at CEB, the importance of Demand Side Management (DSM) and the need to pay attention to customer service.

2014 has been named as the year of customer excellence by CEB.

The presentations (given below) were followed by an extended discussion on a material presented.

Introduction and context

Stories from the field: Studying urban, poor micro-entrepreneurs

Problems_What can be done?

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