LIRNEasia at Internet Governance Forum 2014, Istanbul, September 2-5, 2014 (Part 1)

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Setting the Scene Focus Session – Tuesday, September 2 • 11:00am – 12:30pm

Sub-themes for IGF 2014
Speaker: Rohan Samarajiva, LirneAsia, Sri Lanka
Rohan will provide a bird’s eye view on progress and challenges in achieving affordable
access for all. He will highlight controversial issues that came up in the last year, such as:
 net neutrality
 role of governments and regulators vs role of markets: are we getting the balance
right so that the benefits get to those who need it most?
 access for all: public access, access for the poorest of the poor, access for people with
Virat Bhatia will provide a review of how the topic will be discussed at the IGF 2014 at
workshops and in the ‘access’ main session.

Policies Enabling Access, Growth and Development on the Internet, Main session –Wednesday, September 3, 0930-1200

Here, Rohan Samarajiva will speak on policies conducive to Internet use.

Workshop No. 10 New Global Visions for Internet Governance, ICTs and Trade, 1630-1800, Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Here, LIRNEasia will be represented by Rohan Samarajiva who will address:

The application of ICTs in economic activities has the potential to lower transaction costs, making it possible for separate entities to perform functions that were hitherto performed within firms, an example being the rise of business process outsourcing. On the other hand, the Internet is organized, for the most part, as an “attention economy,” wherein certain brands attract the most attention and thereby gain enormous power. Thus the “digital economy” has within it factors conducive to the success of small businesses from the developing world as well as to the dominance of a few very large enterprises. How developing-country enterprises navigate these contradictory tendencies will be discussed with cases.

Workshop No. 3 Cloud Computing & M2M: Impacts for Emerging Economies, 1630-1800, Thursday, September 4, 2014
Here, LIRNEasia will be represented by Rohan Samarajiva who will address:

Facebook is a good example of cloud computing by ordinary people. All the content and the messaging capabilities, etc. are in the cloud, outside their country for the most part.

LIRNEasia as a knowledge process outsourcing firm that is a user of cloud services will also be discussed. The information will bew presented within a theoretical frame so that the audience can easily make connections to other experiences.

Part 2, containing details on the several presentations that will be made by CEO Helani Galpaya will follow.

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