‘IGF 2014: Net Neutrality, Zero Rating and development: What’s the Data?’ LIRNEasia had some solid insight

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Helani Galpaya, CEO of LIRNEasia spoke at the Workshop2014 on ‘Net Neutrality, Zero Rating and development: what’s the data?’

I think local has been a problem and is a fundamental problem in Asia, emerging Asia, irrespective of zero rated content. People on Facebook — for network effects, because it has cool stuff and your friend, and I think the solution to that is to have ‑‑ if you want local content, you need to produce more local content. You need more local content giving apps and irrespective of zero‑rated content, there are no killer apps. There aren’t that many killer apps that are relevant in these countries. And the reason for them not emerging are multiple and not the purpose of this panel. There is a lot of other sessions on this. But that needs to be addressed and the fundamental threat to the lack of a local app economy, which gives local apps and relevant local information, is not Wiki‑zero or zero‑rated content at the moment

See below youtube clip for the full video. Helani will be speaking at 50:28 and 1:09:46. She continues to answer audience’s questions at 1:28:11 and 1:35:42.

Click here for the transcription.

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