Sri Lanka Disaster Management Conference, 24-26 September 2014, to mark 10th anniversary of our greatest disaster

Posted on September 19, 2014  /  2 Comments

It is true that we tend to overdo the ceremonial elements, but well-organized conferences perform a vital function in public policy making and implementation. They concentrate the attention of the relevant persons, both in terms of preparing presentations and in terms of listening. Not all of it sticks, but if well designed, enough seeps through to improve performance in the relevant sector.

Next week, the Ministry of Disaster Management is organizing a large conference with national and international participation on the theme “the future we want — A safer Sri Lanka.” I am chairing a session and presenting a paper based on work we did for UN ESCAP on making ICT infrastructure disaster resilient to support more effective action in the relief and recovery phases. The slides are here.

I am impressed by the design of the event and the efforts taken to attract speakers on cutting-edge issues.


  1. I am writing this to propose all the hotels in the coastal belt , to have a back-up site around 10km away from the beach as an evacuation park with all amenities. At lesdt One for each tourist zone. It cn be maintained by the hotels in that tourist zone. If it can be developed as a Theme park, they can provide extra excitement for their guests which will generate other income on a daily basis. This may be also equipped with heli-pads and basic medical facilities too.

    To my knowledge there is no such facility, been implemented.

    Appreciate if you could see if the hotel owners are willing to have a such facility and will it be possible to guide them to be part of such a facility by law.